My Canadian Boyfriend Makes New Friends

Sports Illustrated has a nice piece today about how my boyfriend Scott Rolen is settling down in Toronto. Apparently he is becoming fast friends with his new teammates.

Frank Thomas, of the awesome pillow-fight commercial, had this to say:

“Who cares?” said Thomas, when asked if Rolen’s past would have any impact on his future with the Jays. “Sometimes things get blown out of proportion, and you never know what happens. He’s a professional.”

He certainly is, Frank. Center Fielder Vernon Wells has also been a rock for Rolen, providing a shoulder to cry on and wanting to know exactly what went down in St. Louis:

“I’d never talked to him before, but I saw the person he was and I respect him tremendously for the way he plays the game,” says Wells. “He’s hard-nosed between the lines.”

“I don’t mind them asking,” said Rolen. “I wouldn’t want to say it’s none of their business because they can ask anytime they want.”

“Nothing’s been off limits,” says Wells, adding, “Besides, if he didn’t like me asking, he could just hit me. He’s bigger than me.”

He certainly is, Vernon.

20 thoughts on “My Canadian Boyfriend Makes New Friends

  1. Off-topic, but how much did you have to pay Wyshynski to use THAT picture of Sidney “Put it in her five-hole” Crosby in his NHL Closer??

  2. So if my comprehension skills are correct, the only part of that first quote that was actually said by Frank Thomas is, “Who cares?”

  3. I was looking at the picture of Rolen in a Jays uniform and I just threw up in my mouth a little

    Oh…. not in the cute little blogger ironic way (circa 2004) from being upset that Rolen is a Blue Jay. I had a fajita for lunch and I have indigestion, completely unrelated to Scott Rolen.

    Though I am sad.

  4. As a Cardinal fan, I can tell all in Toronto that Scotty Rolen is the finest third baseman I have ever seen. I live in Tampa Bay now, and hope I will get a chance to see him play against the Rays. He is one of my favorite players and I hope he will continue a stellar career with the Jays.

    All my best to you — and to Scotty.

    Doug Arnold

  5. As a St Louisian, can I have Rolen & Eckstein back and give you LaRussa? Please? Can I just give you LaRussa straight up?

  6. Being a lifelong Cards fan I hated to see Rolen go. I love the way he plays the game.

    Came across your link at The Leaky Brain. I’ll add you to my list – Card fans have to stick together.

    I’m 6’4″ and beefy too, BTW. And no, I’m not kidding.

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