Hump Day Hottie: Curtis Granderson

At the end of last season I decided that I was going to become a baseball fan and jump on some team’s bandwagon for the 2008 season. Well, I’m sorry Tigers fan but I decided to jump on yours. And one of the reasons was Curtis Granderson. Y’all probably know all the superlatives I could give Curtis right now (hot, genuine good guy, hot, good ball player, hot) so there’s no reason to go back over them. However there is some required reading you must do while clicking on this post. Go back and re-read the Tigers Bringing the Heat feature we did last summer and the interview Granderson did with former Lady TSW. And then click on his blog. It’s almost enough to make me start commenting on

Oh, and he’s picking Duke to go to the Final Four! I don’t know how, but that increased his hotness by 10.

More pictures of Granderson in Africa here and here.

Photo credits: Paul Sancya, Larry Caruso, Duane Burleson, Linda Radin, Boston Wolverine, comstock, Getty

12 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Curtis Granderson

  1. SA, welcome to the bandwagon. You’ll recognize many of us from your Michigan football fandom. The hardest part is September and, please please please, October.

  2. Swoooooon. Even though I’ve seen all those photos before, they just never, ever get old. I have to get myself a jersey now that he’s signed. *LeSigh*

    /dorky enough to have CG as a MySpace friend.

  3. Ready to swoon some more? He will be handing out autographed Easter eggs to kids on Easter. How adorable is that?

    PS-this is chitown tiger, I’m just too lazy to log out of WordPress.

  4. aaaaaaa how did i miss this! The love, the smile, the goofiness, the mcdonalds… love this man.

    Of course I’m a little conflicted as I’ve recently fallen in love with Miguel Cabrera the adorable manchild.

    I have a picture to add to the fray, if I may, ladies:
    Curtis Granderson

    And all the rest in that set.

    happy friday!!

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