The Ladies… Are Back in Action

After taking a much-needed vacation, the Ladies are back. We are tanned, rested and ready to rock. Here’s what’s been going on with Sporting Hotties around the country…

The Boston Celtics continue to dominate the NBA. They’ve played 58 games and have only lost 12 of them, despite having a mascot that looks like the love-child of the ND leprechaun and your drunk uncle Seamus.

To go with that ridiculous record, the Celtics also have some ridiculous hotties:

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce.
Hot Guy Yahtzee!

In the land of ice & snow, the Detroit Red Wings are taking care of business. Only Detroit and the Dallas Stars have over 40 wins. Pavel Datsyuk, a Red Wing Center, leads the team in both points and assists.

Mmmmm, Russians…
In the land of sunshine & rainbows, SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED! Johan Santana made his first start as a Metropolitan:

Holy mother of God, he is so pretty.

And got taken yard for three runs by 38 year-old Juan Gonzalez. Heeeee. (What? Yes, I know it’s early and it doesn’t mean jack but my team is going to be so bad this year that I need something to cling to.)

Not too shabby for a 38 year-old…

And finally, Championship Week(s) is here! (SA and Andie do a little dance.) The smaller conference tourneys start today with the Horizon League, Ohio Valley and Big South conferences tipping off at 7 pm. Keep your eyes out for Butler, Austin Peay and UNC-Asheville, respectively, to take home the hardware. I was all set to find a picture of a hot player from one of the teams, but then I found this:


Say hello to Brad Stevens, head coach of the Butler Bulldogs.

11 thoughts on “The Ladies… Are Back in Action

  1. C’mon now, Andie – Ray Allen has a misshapen head, there is no way he qualifies as a hottie.

    I DO have a man-crush on Johan Santana, although that may be my Mets bias.

  2. Ladies…

    While I appreciate the Red Wings love, I think they missed you. Their February swoon coincided with your vacation. Oh, also Nick Lidstrom’s injury, but mostly your vacation.

  3. Wings!

    How exactly do you figure your team to be bad? I don’t really see you being any worse than last year and the NL Central is pretty weak (other than the Brewers). The lineup still has some pop and the pitching is at the least serviceable.

  4. As a Latina & Mets fan, does Metschick have right of first refusal when the Ladies… kibbutz & divy up the sporting hotties??

  5. I am going to the CAA tournament this year on a media pass, so I’ll try to get you some up close & personal Anthony Grant (VCU) shots. I seem to remember he made a big impression in last year’s tournament previews.

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