The One Where We Go On Vacation

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve been doing this for a full year without a break. And without getting too “Mother’s Little Helper” about it, we need one. So the Ladies… are going on vacation. But fret not, we won’t be gone long.

We’ll be back tanned, refreshed, relaxed and ready to tackle the big sports events on the horizon: March Madness, the end of Spring Training, the NBA playoffs, and much more.

Wish you were here!

Photo by Flickr user Altus.

14 thoughts on “The One Where We Go On Vacation

  1. You all should organize some sort of March Madness tournament of your own. I don’t have any creative ideas for a theme, but maybe pit bloggers against each other. How’s that sound?

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  3. @tuffy – Maybe they are still deciding whether they want to announce their commitment to AOL Fanhouse or Yahoo! Sports at their press conference, a la Hart.

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