We’re This Many! The Ladies… Turn One.

One year ago, a group of female Deadspinners got together and built a website that would forever alter the sportswriting landscape. Some delusions of grandeur, but whatevs.


Artwork, as always, by the one, the only, the incomparable Lady J-Money, who credits our success to the quality of our ingredients.

When we last saw our heroines, we were raising glasses to six months of this contraption. Since then….where to start? We got out of the house a little, and brought a few friends along for the ride. We stirred up a couple hornets’ nests and got our knees dirty. We launched a blatant homerism lovefest and let lust rule our fantasy drafts. We went undercover with the Mets and the Mitchell Report and got inside with the Tigers. We turned back time and had ourselves a total eclipse of the heart. We pledged our hearts to the World Series, and just about killed ourselves trying to get there, and just about GOT ourselves killed once we were…but that all worked out just fine, didn’t it? We got down and dirty with the history of Rock and championed the little guys. We came heroically close to covering every single bowl game. We said fond farewells to a fine crop of college boys, and found new targets for next year.

And the snacks. Oh, TSW’s snacky goodness. The legendary Buffalo Chicken Dip. The homemade corn dogs. The 9-Layer Ranchero Dip, K2 of snack foods. Pork with more pork. The genesis of our quiche obsession. The other Ladies got into the act, to the tune of Pudding Shots, Beer Bread, Cheese Straws, and a variety of meats and cheeses.

We celebrated (properly) the apex of football season (and then some), and marked the turning of the sports season. We got our gamble on. We gave thanks, wished on our stockings, spread holiday cheer and strove to be better fans. We found humor in the worst of times and stood up for boobs everywhere. We rassled and clawed and even screwed each other.

After the jump, some poetic and prosaic reflections on our year together.



Many thanks Ladies
Where are our satin jackets?
Time for the clubhouse.


12 months in the Men of the Mitchell Report calendar
11 (or more) insane liveblogs
10 prospects scouted in advance
9 new ways to look at Riley Skinner
8 Ladies… at-bat songs and screwed over
7 (or more) anipals at Metsy’s
6 KSK writers over whom we reigned victorious
5 fanbases better informed on lovemaking
4 regions in the disastrous Hot Blogger Bracket
3 genius All-Star Game BINGO cards
2 horrendous days in Cleveland
1 fantastic year


After one year, I can make a confession.

Until last night, I had never seen Demetri Martin’s “Ladies…” bit.

There! I said it! I’ve come clean! I knew what the joke was via internet memes, but had never actually watched the video. So for everyone who has never known where the name “Ladies…” comes from, check out around the 1:50 mark. No shame in finally catching up now.

So much has happened in this past year, the stories that I think define Ladies the most are the ones that we worked on as a team or were email conversations that we posted. CHEEZE DOODLE BACON PANTS still makes me laugh. Love, Sports, and Dating should be stapled to the foreheads of the bitches editors at Jezebel and Radar. Our fantasy quarterback draft saw Tom Brady picked eighth. This got us in trouble (especially me) but I still think it was funny. We praised our mothers and fathers.

Mike Tomlin. We met, there was training camp, and you were proven to be hotter than Coach Nolan.

I was lucky enough to interview Curtis Granderson because of this site. Ladies allowed me to call out the NFL’s breast cancer awareness month. Seven kind women indulged my Sidney Crosby obsession. And they tolerated the monster that the Friday Football Foodie devolved into.

Sadly, my time at Ladies has come to a close. (To everyone who has asked, no I am not going to Defamer, although from what I hear I am pretty much the only person not applying for the job.) While I loved every minute I worked on Ladies, (okay, maybe not every minute), I’ve also pushed too many other things (career, friends who do not like sports, houseplants, pregnancy) to he side while working on this site. My use of the 2am/3am/4am/5am blogging tags needed to stop. (QUITE FRANKLY, my writing here suffered due to time constraints, and I felt shitty for putting up more dreck than droll.)

Thanks to everyone for reading for this past year. I look forward to playing in the comments and enjoying the brilliance of six fine Ladies for the next year!


Programming note: This will also be my final post for Ladiesdotdotdot. I’ve been invited to join the crew at EDSBS, and I’m packing up my bag of tricks and taking my game home to the Ess-Eee-Cee. I’m happy to be going but sad to be leaving, if that makes any sense, and hope you’ll all keep in touch.

Our pink corner of the internets has been a fantastic playground this past year. We’ve had some big stories—the Bracket and the KSK takeover come immediately to mind, of course—and I’ve used it to broadcast my love for football and flex my dramatic chops /poetry wings, but it’s the little stories I’ve treasured the most. And after everything we’ve been through, my all-time favorite moment is being accosted by that Dodgers fan. The one who read a blog titled “Ladies…” and a post titled “What Not To Wear” and thought I was a dude. A real life laff riot, twelve months of it, and epic in every sense of the word. Tears, bloodshed (internet blood), strong men, and the realest bitches alive—seven beautiful women I’ll miss terribly.

And no, my bed’s still not made. Be seein’ you.


The Ladies… made me care about baseball before October and the NFL before the playoffs. They shared in my utmost love of college football and college basketball. They don’t deride me (too much) on my football boyfriend Tom Brady (Michigan y’all), my love for Michigan football (screw you Appalachian State), and they (at least not to my face) don’t show their hate for Duke. They actually made me think about hockey for a minute. And that was a minute longer than I have ever thought about hockey before. They know that a last second buzzer beater in the first round of the tournament or a walkoff homerun or game winning touchdown is more than a great moment in a game, it’s an almost religious experience. The seven women that let me tag along are the sweetest, funniest, down to earth, passionate, straight up coolest people I know. And they taught me how to cook. In other words, they’re da realest bitches alive. Fo sho, yo.



Thanks to all our readers, and here’s to another unforgettable year.


The Ladies…

80 thoughts on “We’re This Many! The Ladies… Turn One.

  1. Makes me want to dance around my living room while playing Jock Jams ladies.

    It’s been a great year. Here’s to at least a billion more. Raising my glass to Holly and TSW. What a legacy you leave.

  2. Eighteen thousand links > trying to get eight women to agree on ten links. There’s just too many taut bodies for a top ten.

    Burnsy, believe it or not, above the jump I was only posting links from the last six months. Pizza loaf was the first half of the year. But yes. Iz legendary.

  3. Happy birthday!

    Oh no, TSW is the only living link to hockey! She will be missed. Even though she’s a Pens fan.

    And Holly, EDSBS is lucky to have you. Have fun! You will be missed as well!

  4. OH MY GOD Clare you just made both my mom and Starterboyfriend pass out.

    TALKING about having a baby. I said pregnancy had been pushed aside this year…

    See? I am going to be lost without an editor!

  5. Ladies…
    Thank you for the excellent-ness that is your site. Rarely is a blog prominently featuring pictures of sexy men so enjoyable for me. At least that’s what I tell my wife. While it is bittersweet to lose TSW and Holly, I look forward to year 2.

    In all honesty, Ladies… was truly the inspiration that got me started blogging. The content and community created here really made me want to join in the fun. Not to mention I needed material to enter the “Contest That Shall not Be Named”!

    Thanks again.

  6. Who knew a birthday party could end up being so sad?

    Many congratulations on the anniversary, Ladies…, and good luck to each and every departing writers. Saying that you will be missed does not cover the entire spectrum of my feelings.

    Although Ladies… will suffer greatly considering who is leaving (syke), I cannot bring myself to stop visiting. Fantastic work throughout the past year, and I look forward to what the future shall bring.

    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Ladies…
    Happy birthday to you

    And many moooore…

  7. Happy Birthday Ladies…! So does this make DeadOn a year old too?

    Farewell Holly! Best of luck over at EDSBS. We’ll be following you there and I know you’ll kick ass. Sorry for fighting with you all the time. And never make that bed.

  8. I’m singing “Sunrise, Sunset” over here.

    Well, not so much singing as “thinking” it.

    I know we’ll all be sad to see a couple of ladies go, but hopefully we’ll continue to follow them wherever they go (assuming they withdraw that stupid restraining order), continue to enjoy those who remain here, and perhaps even one day welcome someone new.

  9. Oh, so sad to see two Ladies… go.

    But three cheers to the birthday girls!

    Hip hip…HOORAY!
    Hip hip…HOORAY!
    Hip Hip…HOORAAAAY!

    Many happy returns.

  10. Happily Birthelday to all Ladies…

    I can say, without a doubt, that through all of the HOT blogger contests and posts of hunky, athletically-inclined men, my sexuality has never been challenged. I think.

    And next time TSW decides to post something on the Internets containing the words “baby”, “marriage”, or “pregnant” without letting me glance at it for editing purposes, I’m taking care of the modem with hammer.

    That is all.

  11. You’re real classy dames, friends. Real broads. Thanks for a year of much laughter and recipes to use and efforts to explain why there are shirtless athletes on my browser. Good luck, TSW and Holly – I look forward to reading you guys wherever you go.

  12. Congrats on the birthday Ladies… It has certainly been a treat watching this li’l blog grow up. Best of luck to Holly and TSW and here’s hoping for an evern better 2nd year.

    And since you asked for yearbook sigs:
    “BFF 4ever”
    “Stay the same, don’t ever change”
    “Have a great summer”
    “See ya next year”
    “To make you laugh, to make you frown, I wrote in your yearbook upside down”

  13. Happy Birthday, Ladies…

    I’m making cupcakes in your honor and going to share them with strangers!

    Congratulations,TSW and Holly. Will continue to follow your exploits and comments.

  14. Congratulations to the Ladies…and fare thee well to TSW and Holly. I know I’ll read Holly at EDSBS, so it’s not really good-bye.

    Please, come by DeadOn some more now that it’s not so…dead.

  15. Congratulations, Ladies. You took the blogging world by storm, and while I am sad to see TSW and Holly go, I’m sure that not only will they be successful in whatever endeavors they tackle next, but that the blog will continue to be as awesome as before.

  16. Ladies…, you are awesome! It’s sad to see Holly and TSW go, of course, but still psyched to see everyone else keep posting.

    …Posting pictures of Jacoby, in particular.

    (Also, may I suggest an up-and-coming-baseball-prospects-HDH? I nominate Justin Masterson.)

  17. Droll dreck? Or is it dreck droll? Whatevah… it’s always evident with sports writers, so ya alls did okay with that. Some a ya’s are leaving already? I shoulda paid more attention earlier; there’s always the archives to see what I missed.

    I’m still waiting for the pics. Noooo… not the ones of the SacKings cheerleaders bent over with their thongs prominent… the ones of ya alls in that special way.

    ciao to the leavers.

    and I promise to read more frequently for those who stay on.

    good luck with them dirty, stinky diapers.

  18. Congrats Ladies and thanks for a wonderful year! TSW and Holly you will be missed. Holly, you want to lay bets on the Memphis vs Tennessee game next week? I’m getting nervous about it!

  19. Congratulations, Ladies. You are all hilarious and have done a fantastic job.

    TSW, I have been amazed at your ability to work a ful time gig, write for this site and be one of the best commenters on Deadspin.

    Holly, Good luck at EDSBS. I know you will do great!

  20. Happy Birthday to the Ladies …..
    I have really enjoyed reading the posts and I will continue read them. I hope you won’t mind if I chime in every once in a while.

    One more note just in case you didn’t realize it, I am not going to be StarterGrandma at least for a while.

  21. Ladies…
    I don’t comment often at all, but I do read the site pretty regularly. I’ve very much enjoyed this blog for the past year, and I’m terribly excited about the years to come! Thanks for an amazing year Ladies…and to those of you leaving good luck with your future projects and you will be missed!

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  24. I come back from vacation to TSW and Holly leaving! I’m devastated!

    I found this loveliness about 9 months ago and haven’t been able to stop looking at the view since, but I was never brave enough to comment. I think that says volumes about the loss of Holly and TSW, BUT….you Ladies… as a whole are awesome and I know the rest of you will keep the hotties coming. Thanks for all the entertainment while I should be working!

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