Hit n Run

A Thursday Hit n Run? I KNOW! Gettin’ all craaaazy up in here! Anyway, last night was Dick Vitale’s triumphant return to college basketball after being diagnosed with vocal nodules back in December. I’ll admit my secret shame: I kind of love Dick Vitale. Can he get annoying sometimes? Sure. But most of the time I find his absolute balls-out love of college basketball to be endearing. In the story about his return, it said the UNC students welcomed him with chants and applause until he was overcome with emotion and crying. Awwww! Also right before halftime, he said “Hansbrough’s gonna TOUCH IT!” Classic Dickie V.

Feelin’ better, bay-bee!

The game was no slouch either, with the teams heading into the locker room on the heels of the Heels’ (see what I did there?) 8-0 run that left Duke with a slim 3-point lead. UPDATE: Nevermind. Duke really took the game over in the 2nd half. Gotta hand it to them, they marched into Chapel Hill and won by 10. Nevermind again. The end of the game was actually interesting. Nevermind again, Duke won by 11. It got exciting for a second there.
Tyler Hansbrough did have 28 points, though, which put him past Michael Jordan for 11th on the all-time UNC scorer’s list. Good job Tyler! Also an interesting bit of trivia: UNC and Duke have NEVER met in the NCAA tournament. Huh.

I kind of expect him to lean off
the wall and sing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

In NBA news, the Phoenix Suns and Miami Heat agreed on a pretty huge trade that sent Shaq to the Suns and forward Shawn Marion and guard Marcus Banks to the Heat. This way, Shaq can spend the 55 games a year in which he doesn’t play basking in the sun in the Land That Time Remembered. Oh wait…

This does give me an excuse, though, to showcase one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials. Yay! Shaq’s horse is named “Chunk of Love.” Snerk. And the stiff-arm at the :29 mark is really the cherry on the sundae.

Speaking of funny clips, I bring you this masterful work. We can finally see the REAL culprit behind Berman’s meltdown video. Thanks to blogger Brownie for the tip!

14 thoughts on “Hit n Run

  1. While I will admit that Duke outplayed us, because mathematically speaking if they are scoring 3 pointers and you are only scoring 2’s you really arent going to win, and they hit every freaking ridiculous 3 they threw up there, if one had been to the game the most glaring and irritating point was the officiating. Now I am a college basketball freak, which probably means that I am predisposed to thinking that refs = satan’s minions, but when the little old lady sitting next to me starts CURSING at them, pleading that they open their eyes and maybe call one of the many walks that Duke committed, or notice one of the 7.34 million touch fouls, I realized that maybe it was not just me, and that these refs truly did suck on a spectacular level. At one point, when Nolan Smith viciously shoves Marcus Ginyard to the ground, I swear the ref closest the scene SIGHED and lazily put his hands into the appropriate charge position. He looked to be in pain to do so. If you dont want to call fouls, mayhaps you should find another profession??

  2. Not to mention that Duke was only up 5 in the last minute, with the Heels playing with their third- and fourth-string point guard, and with their top shooting guard ice cold.

  3. Yes, the officials are in Duke’s pocket despite the fact that the amount of fouls called was even and that’s with UNC fouling on purpose at the end. Yes, Ty Lawson was out so Carolina couldn’t run their offense. Yes, all Duke did was shoot threes. A win is a win is a win. And we’re two games up in the conference and have a nice inside track to getting that 1 seed at the ACC tournament.

    And I would take Vitale 1000 times over Billy Packer. The man is simply awful. I’m not sure he even enjoys the game of basketball.

  4. My nephew showed me the funniest link yesterday. It was for Phoenix fans who wanted to buy Shaq’s jersey. The joke was that his “jersey” was really just a blazer and tie.

    I guess you had to be there.

    And I’m sorry that I’m working so much, because I wanted to post a “Welcome to NY, Johan” bit. He looks dreamy in Met blue.

  5. True story: about 5 minutes into the second half of the Duke-UNC game last night, the bar that I was watching the game at started doing karaoke. Sacrilege!

    In other rivalry week news, TEXAS BEAT OU! WOOHOO!

  6. SA- I have to agree with you, despite Dookie V’s questionable leanings, I would take his crazed yelling over Billy Packer any day. I wonder what sort of old man fight to the death they had to do to win the honor to call that game? And in reality, I’m just bitter about the loss. UNC basically lost the ACC regular season now, unless Duke totally blows it from here on out. And given the evidence last night, I’m going to guess that wont happen. And Im not taking anything away from them for shooting 3’s all night. If you can make them, why the heck not?? 3 > 2. UNC just had no answer for that on defense, and we have zero (Sorry Wayne) outside shooters.

  7. Oh, I know Christina. Guess I’ve heard it a little too much today. Ellington had a bad night. I watched that game where he went off on Clemson. Dude can play. I think the biggest thing with Carolina right now is defense. They just aren’t playing defense like Memphis or UCLA or Kansas or Duke is right now. And I don’t know how they can change that. Of course I hope they don’t change it, but still.

    As for Packer, I honestly don’t think he likes the game anymore. It’s like he has so many years left on a contract he’s signed and is just going to make as many people angry at him as he can.

  8. As much as Dick Vitale creeps me out (he held my arm in a death grip last year in the risers at Carolina), I unfortunately did not get to hear his commentary – they blocked out the ESPN coverage on campus. Oh, but that game…hopefully when Ty Lawson returns we can give Duke what they deserve, put our team back together! go Heels!

    (p.s. Ladies, I love your blog! Stumbled on it around Super Bowl time and can’t stay away!)

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