Super Bowl XLII: The Ladies React



TSW: Short of the Steelers winning SB XLII, this is best outcome. (And I am proud that three out of the four Ladies who made picks, picked the Giants.)

Clare: I cannot believe what I have just seen.

TSW: So glad it wasn’t a blow out. I cannot believe how many people said this game was going to be lame.

Andrea: WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Best Super Bowl since Rams/Titans! Holy crap! WOOOOOOOO!!!! [falls over, asleep]

Metsy: I spent the whole drive home trying to collect my thoughts, trying to figure out what words would eventually come poring out once I was in front of the computer. And the only ones that came were: “GIANTS WON!! I’m so happy for Eli!!” I cannot even snark about Eli anymore, he proved he can hang (and more) on the biggest stage in football. I’m so proud of him and these Giants. They not only did what so many people deemed impossible – defeat the Patriots – they also put on a hell of a show. Not only tonight, but all season long.

This entire season has been an exercise in showing the world how they can’t be stopped. An 0-2 start didn’t stop them, crushing losses didn’t stop them, ending the season on loss to the Patriots didn’t stop them, the freezing cold didn’t stop them. The fact that they were 12 point underdogs didn’t faze this team. They knew they belonged, and that was the only important thing.

When it’s all said and done (and I know there will be a lot of ink spilled on this Super Bowl), 14-6 > 18-1 when you win the Super Bowl.

SA: Damn you Dreamboat for blinding me.

Holly: I will say this for Brady: He is the clutchest sack-taker I have ever seen.

Clare: I’m sorry, SA, but my dad and I had a great time yelling “HE GOT KNOCKED ON HIS AAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!” every time The Dreamboat went down.

Metsy: That’s funny, that’s what every guy at the party I was at screamed whenever he was on his back.


Texy: I generally hate New York anything (except Metsy!), but I was a Giants fan tonight. YAY METSY! YAY JUG-EARED LITTLE BROTHER!

I was disappointed/angry for the Pats defense when their own coach and QB walked out on them and off the field before the game was even finished. Those defense guys had to stand out on that field and feel ashamed and sad for that last second play — and I think it’s really shitty that certain other members of that team and staff didn’t feel it was important or sportsmanlike to support them.

Watching Bruschi bow his head and put his helmet back on, knowing he had already been beaten — while his own coach abandoned him for the locker room? That sucks. Randy Moss was on his way out, and turned around and came back and stood on the sidelines to watch the final play… he gets mad respect from me for that.

Metsy: Clare–I made pudding shots! for the superbowl party I went to (no way was I gonna cook anything feeling crappy – although I feel a lot better than yesterday morning), and they were a hit!

Clare: I was a cooking fool this morning: I watched the game at my parents’ house, and I brought my caramelized shallot and blue cheese dip, half a pan of Nigella Lawson’s snowflake brownies (I kept the other half for myself, ha ha ha), and a raspberry Pavlova. All big hits (KIND OF LIKE BRADY GOING DOWN LIKE A TACKLING DUMMY HAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAAA!!!)

SA: Ha. Like I’ve said, I root for Brady. Not so much the Pats. I was actively rooting for the Giants tonight, especially in the fourth quarter. And after all Eli has gone through from Ole Miss to the Giants, I’m really happy for him.


Metsy: I’ve been a Belichik (semi) apologist for a long time, only because I always try to see the good in people, but I see no redeeming quality in that man. Sure, he’s a football genius, but he’s a heinous human being. Sad to see The Dreamboat follow that lead.

TSW: Sooo full of 9-Layer Dip and Buffalo Chicken Dip… can barely type.
I’ve never high-fived so many times for a team that was not the Steelers.
Texy – Besides walking off the field with one second left, the post game interviews wih Belichick were horrendous. I’ve never seen anyone so angry.

SA: Do you mean the one that was on Fox right after the game? I laughed at him. He looked like an idiot.
I will not make excuses for Brady and certainly not for Belichick. 18 times this season their opponent stayed on the field until the clock struck 0:00. Granted this was the Super Bowl and you’re disappointed, but be a man and stay for the damn 2 seconds. That just made them even more hateable.

Texy: Ugh – no kidding. He was such a douche to the reporter who, to be honest, was asking those annoying but necessary questions in the most tactful way possible.

TSW: Before that – Chris Mortonsen on NFL Network. I thought Belichick was going to stab him with his own microphone.


Holly: I’m so pissed I missed the postgame interviews. They turned on the stereo at the bar right after the trophy presentation and I just got to stare at their silent, ugly mugs.

Metsy: I got a pic of Belichik’s son – he plays lacrosse for RU – this week, and if you think Belichik looks like a douche – you gotta see his son!

Texy: Oh sweet lord – TOOL ALERT! TOOL ALERT!

Holly: Speaking as the resident curmudgeon, I have to say…that goofy-ass grin on my face watching Eli hoist the trophy was completely devoid of cynicism, and that hasn’t happened since…..last year’s Super Bowl.

TSW: I know you love him Holly, but they should have shown more than one shot of a drunk Shockey in a suite.

Holly: My love for Shockey is completely unnatural and insurmountable.

TSW: If you are Shockey, do you wear the Super Bowl ring? We debated this at length. (I say he will not.)

Holly: Yes. And I think he’ll be starting barfights left and right just so he can punch people with it and leave the imprint in their faces. And that’s why he’s the man for me.

J-Money: I place the blame for the defeat solely on Belichick’s Kool-Aid Man red sweatshirt (red hooded swweeeeaaaatshirt). Why change from the Rescue Mission-esque grey one he’s worn all year?
Also, the Giants’ D made Brady look like a smug, newsboy-cap wearing pinata. A pinata full of FAIL. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Holly: Oh, and…Eli gets a ring. Tiki does not. World without end, amen.

Metsy: That right there shows that the world sometimes is just.


30 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLII: The Ladies React

  1. In your face, Tiki!

    I am a touch sad for Junior Seau – he’s 8,000 years old, and still has no ring. At least he has his collection of jaunty chapeaus to keep him company.

    Tedy Bruschi is SMOKING hot. He wins my Super Bowl trophy.

  2. This is why I’m a baseball fan. My first fave team the Falcons implode as soon as the season is over. They fire Jim Mora, then Michael Vick kills innocent dogs. Patrick Kerney leaves. Bobby Petrino cowardly leaves the team. I had no favorite team all year and inside I was loving the Patriots but I didn’t wanna jinx them so I say nothing all year long. No trash talk at all. And they LOSE like this…..are you serious???? As far as I’m concerned I hope SpyGate comes back and bites them in ass.

  3. Junior Seau makes me feel bad – the guy is older than me and still wreaking havoc on the football field. On the other hand, per the WaPo article yesterday, at least I don’t have to worry about getting dementia in my rapidly-approaching-40s from helmet to helmet impacts.

  4. And, apologies for not rolling with the dominant paradigm here, but with Euro footy in full swing, Six Nations rugby started, and Euro 08 on the cards, who needs baseball? (ducks and runs… slowly)

  5. Yes- with all those European sports being played by Europeans in Europe, what interest would Americans have in watching an American sport played in America?

    Aston Villa does have pretty unis, though.

  6. With my adoption of the Red Sox last year came a vow to never watch baseball before October. I think I’ll start following cricket. Figuring out what the hell they’re up to will certainly fill the hours.

  7. It was good that Shockey actually decided to show up, but why wasn’t he down on the field?

    Is it official yet? Women are better at picking sports (at the very least football) outcomes than men.

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  9. Doug, I know you like to come in our threads and act the fool, and that’s OK (I guess), but seriously, you don’t understand what Jeremy Shockey and I have, and I will cut you.

  10. I preferred the wording “Brady just got his shit rocked… AGAIN!” I also had no audio, so I had to watch the game, the bizarre celebration and then “Wait guys, get off the field, there’s a second left,” and all that without sound. For the first time in my life, DVR failed me.

    (Yes, I had to DVR the Super Bowl and watch it a couple hours later. So sue me.)

  11. Texas Gal, did you have anything to do with the call I got from Citizenship and Naturalization services today? Apparently I have to give up Fox Soccer and Gol TV in favor of the Nationals’ network or they’re sending me back where I come from.

  12. But – shiny new stadium!

    (I’ll be down in DC the first weekend I can in April to see their shiny new stadium.)

    To the Giants fans out there: thanks for letting me bask in the glow of this victory. It was fun!

  13. Ahem..Shiny new stadium AND the best in game entertainment ever. Have you seen me work a t-shirt gun? It’s a thing of beauty.

  14. I might pay the new stadium a visit….there’ll be plenty of seats. I’ve been conditioned to failure as a Red Sox fan but last night was worthy of dry heaves. Let me just say I am enamored by the class act that is the Manning family and for that, I salute you. Nicely done.
    What’s up with Brady & Moss not going to the Pro Bowl?

  15. Fuck yeah — I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am about this win. I do feel badly for my nephew, who is a die-hard Patriots fan (his father is a Patriots fan — he’s been raised wrong) and ran up to his room after the game to cry. But I don’t feel so bad that I won’t collect on my bet with him — I’ve got $2 coming my way. I’m horrible, but I don’t care — to channel my inner Jim Nantz, that was a win for the ages.

  16. Texas Gal, I shouldn’t have questioned your basic humanity.

    Metschick, before I abandoned the city last summer for the broad expanses (and functioning school system) of the inner suburbs, there was no chance in hell I’d go to a Nationals game (I may not be a fan, but I do like a mid-summer night game once in a while). Let’s just say that when the mayor unilaterally decided that the city would underwrite $600 million of stadium with DC business taxes that were passed straight to residents, many of whom are profoundly poor, in order to build a stadium for a team supported largely by folks in Maryland and Virginia, I unilaterally decided to stay away as a matter of principle.

  17. Dctrojan: that is very understandable. I’m feeling a little conflicted about the new, $100 million expansion project just approved for Rutgers Stadium. How is it that our State is broke and RU is cutting classes and sports, yet there’s $100 million lying around to make that stadium even bigger – for an 8-5 team?

    I know that the money is not coming out of the govt coffers, and it’s being raised by special committees and the money is given solely for the expansion, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

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