das Super Bowl Post

Game time! Kegerator primed? Fridge stocked? Ambulance on speed dial? Excellent. Join us after the jump for our weekend plans, favorite gambles, predictions, and pictures of grown men looking goofier than Eli Manning (no, seriously).

Sadly, we cannot claim responsibility for this artistic masterpiece.

The Parties.

  • Holly: I still don’t have any furniture, so I’ll be camped out at the pub with seventeen of my closest, drunkest chums. I’m sulking mightily at not having a chance to whip up any of our Friday snacky goodness, but I should’ve thought of that when I decided not to buy a couch since I’m never home.
  • Andrea: I just got back from student health and I have the flu and I might also have mono, so I predict I will watch the game from my bed and I won’t get to drink beer and I won’t get to make my yummy Super Bowl chili and beer bread and all my friends will be at a big gathering with a big-screen TV and I’ll be home alone feeling like poop. On the bright side, I did get a prescription for vicodin.

The Props.

  • SA: Brady re-injures his ankle in the first quarter. Doesn’t matter. Brady wins MVP, further cementing his status as media darling and making unwatchable programing from ESPN, Fox Sports, and every other media outlet available that much more certain.
  • Andrea: There are at least 20 total cuts to Archie Manning, Peyton Manning and/or Gisele.
    There are only two commercials that make anybody LOL.
    Regardless of outcome, when Tom Coughlin stretches out his hand for Belichick to shake, Belichick slaps it away and then pulls Coughlin’s still-beating heart out of his chest and eats it on the 50 yd line.
  • Holly: Archie Manning will be caught on camera rolling his eyes: over/under 3 1/2.
  • TSW: 4-1 Tom Petty plays “Running Down a Dream” (Fortunately, Petty has said he is not going to play a medley.)
    3-1 Tony Saragoosa’s hand gets stuck in a fondue pot at University of Phoenix Stadium in the 3rd quarter.
    2-1 Should the game become a blowout by the 3rd quarter, the party will have to a lengthy, protracted discussion about Roger Goodell meeting with Sen. Arlen Specter and the single-camera theory.
    1-6 Ben Roethlisberger will run on to the field and beg Plaxico to return to Pittsburgh and be his #1 “tall receiver”.
    Even I’ll want to want to punch Rodney Harrison in his Riley Skinner at least once during the 2nd quarter.


    The Picks.

    • Andrea: Giants 38, Pats 35.
    • SA: Pats 31, Giants 21.
    • TSW: Giants 33, Pats 31. (PLEASE NO JINX, PLEASE NO JINX)
    • Holly: Giants 27, Pats 6 (Spite: My anti-drug.)

    The Press.

    Someone at ESPN managed to construct a graphic in which Brady and Eli look equally ridiculous. We applaud their sense of fair play.


    The Prettiest.


    Um, no, Wes. Just….no. It’s not you. It’s your dead staring eyes.


    That’s more like it. Win or lose, you’re our boy, Plaxy.

    Rest up, Campers. Big day tomorrow, then no more smashy men till August.

    7 thoughts on “das Super Bowl Post

    1. I can not believe that I am going to have to miss the entire first half of the game since I am leaving for Missouri tomorrow afternoon. Not looking forward to that since I am in Chicago. Anyways SA I agree with the score just not the winning team.
      Also the picture makes Eli look more ridiculous then Brady.

    2. What i one team wants it more, but is just not athletically gfigfted enougfh? Does the NFL PR take that into consideration with their promo?

      I’m going with the Scooby Bowl until Kick Off.

    3. Ha. Pats lost.

      I should probably be sad considering I’m from Boston, but I don’t much care. They remind me too much of the Yankees.

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