Weekend Whimsy

Here’s a fun little video I came across.  High school wrestler Brent Foxhoven out of Archbishop Bergan High School in Nebraska gets caught by one leg in a match and does what any normal person would totally do in that position:  a back flip.  Now, I don’t know how much I buy the idea that he got his opponent right where he wanted him or that he’s been practicing this move.  But it’s pretty sweet nonetheless.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Whimsy

  1. Great move. Those little guys always were fun to watch because they would do stuff like that.

    Here’s a video of the 1999 NCAA HWT Championship between Brock Lessnar (WWF dude) and Stephen Neal (current Patriots Lineman)

  2. There was another HS wrestler who did that move a year or two back, so I’m betting that young man had some inspiration.

    And that Stephen Neal/Brock Lesnar match was so much fun! My friends and I were working the tournament, and Stephen was the nicest guy in the world, whereas Brock did not talk, so we were all cheering for Stephen the whole time. It’s been nice to see his football career take off.

  3. I stood behind Brock Lesnar in line back when he was in Junior College. The guy was freaking huge.

    Also, I agree with Minda. How did that kid not need some type of reconstructive surgery after that move?

  4. Wrestlers are ridiculously flexible – that’s one of the pluses of dating them – so they often don’t get hurt when all logic says that they should. Andie’s boyfriend Mark Perry of Iowa is very flexible and quite often uses that to get his takedowns. Also, wrestlers have really, really flexible hips. I’ll let you use your imagination on the advantages of that.

  5. Wrestlers stay that way when they get older, too. Flexible as all heck and amazing hips. I highly recommend dating former wrestlers, it’s so much fun :)

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