Everything you wanted to know about the playoffs*

* But were afraid to ask. Our first in a series of your most embarrassing football-related questions.

Why is Bill Belichick considered a genius?

His legend was born seventeen years ago in Super Bowl XXV when the Giants upset the Bills, a victory due in large part to the gameplan that then-defensive coordinator Belichick used against Buffalo. (The other part being “wide right”.) This is a document so revered, a copy of his gameplan hangs in the Hall of Fame and the shiny, satin jacket he wore is in the Canton archives.

Hard to believe that underneath that torn-sweatshirt sporting psychopath, there once was a very handsome man. (Who was a psychopath.)

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18 thoughts on “Everything you wanted to know about the playoffs*

  1. Bill Belichick looks like a total hipster in that shiny jacket and tight pants. Slap a PBR in his hand and play some Justice over the stadium PA and he looks like the king of Making Time.

  2. First time commenting (love this site), but my Dad would not forgive me if I didn’t point out: the Bills scored essentially a point a minute in that game (19 points off of 20 minutes time of possession). The Giants won because they controlled the clock, ran the ball, and kept the Bills offense off the field. And because the Bills’ defense couldn’t tackle anybody on 3rd down. Belichick’s achievement in that game is so totally overrated. Anyway, like I said, love the site!

  3. I think the red satin StL Cardinals jacket is still in my closet at my mother’s house (along with the baseball cards).

    Seeing that picture and reading SA’s quote confirms… it is going to my son.

  4. And based on that performance, it was obvious Belichick would be an excellent head coach. Thank God the Browns got him.

  5. Wahoo – There was an part of the post that I deleted that described the rest of his career, which in the middle basically went, “Blah, blah, blah went to Cleveland where he never had a winning season, last coach before the team went to Baltimore, followed Big Tuna around on a leash, quit the Jets job at his own press conference, Pats.”

  6. I can understand why you edited it. Interesting, though, Coach Belichick made a bigger comeback than Nixon. If only he had covered up cameragate with similar results…

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