Hit n Run

In the Sporting News replay of the 1986 season, guess who is dominating the game? The Ladies’ Toronto Blue Jays. Our own Texas Gal is managing those boys like Tony LaRussa, except she doesn’t pass out drunk in her truck and she also knows her alphabet. Okay, fine. Like Terry Francona. Way to go Texy!

In NFL news, the All-Pro Team was released and there were many, many hotties included on the list. Ladainian Tomlinson and Randy Moss were the only unanimous selections. Dreamboat missed out on a unanimous vote because one defector split his vote between Brady and Old Man Favre. We salute you, defecting voter!

Up, up and away!

Man, this guy can catch anything.

SA, I want YOU!

I can airplane, just like Manny!

In upset news, the Charlotte 49ers went on the road to Clemson, SC and took care of the 18th-ranked Tigers 82-72. Guard Leemire Goldwire (in my head, I pronounce that so that it rhymes. It’s very fun, try it. LEE-mire GOLD-wire, LEE-mire GOLD-wire.) had 10 rebounds and 21 points in the upset. Way to go, Leemire.

That’s a scary face.

13 thoughts on “Hit n Run

  1. Ouch – Shanoff is getting his ass handed to him. Between this and the vitriol on Deadspin for his college football stuff, he’s going to have some low self-esteem!

  2. If all it takes is a mustache for world domination, then I am totally going start taking hormones. (Or wait for menopause.)

    I think it is Texy’s genius that is killing here.

    (And good on Mondesis House for tying it up with Baba Booey.)

  3. Oh Dreamboat, I want you too.

    And Woo! on Texy and G-Shum getting it done.

    And Clemson? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Almost as good as a Carolina lost. Almost.

  4. I thought Schilling blocked your email? Anyway, nobody airplanes better than Manny…except for Old Fart…I mean Old Favre. 1986 wasn’t a good year for the Red Sox….CURSES!! Like the old cigarette ads with the sexy chicks sporting a black eye…..we’ve come a long way, Baby!

  5. Wow. That ’86 team kicks ass. And your home record? Like the September/October Rockies, except you played (and lost) 7 more games. Still scary though.

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