Outback Bowl: Curtain call.

Tennessee 21, Wisconsin 17. Not the most satisfactory of endings, but that’s appropriate, given our year. After a season of What The Hell, his game wrapped up every plot thread like a proper finale should.


ESS-EE-CEE SPEED!!! This is Tyler Donovan, whom I actually enjoy watching (see his previous appearance in Saturday Morning Hate Sex), quarterback for Wisconsin, a team whose coach I admire and whom I was generally waaay too high on in my preseason rankings. Unfortunately, no one ever taught this boy to slide:


De-fense! De-fense? The thing about Tennessee football…when we made plays at all this year, it wasn’t of a sort we’re used to. It’s been so long since we had a legitimate threat in the secondary that witnessing an interception is a bit like seeing a unicorn. Exhibit A: Antonio Wardlow, picking (sorry) a hell of a time for his first career INT to end Wisconsin’s last gasp of a scoring drive in the 4th.


Sometimes the snow comes down in June. This is Big Brad Cottam, beloved tight end lost for most of the season to a wrist injury. This was his final game in orange. And this is his first career TD:


New dawn on Rocky Top. Gerald Jones, a little ray of sunshiney hope in the face of losing our quarterback and two most essential offensive coaches, and a reminder that sometimes, however repulsive it can be to our conservative sensibilities, change can be healthy (now, let’s teach him to pass):


[truly unfortunate fruit-related metaphor] And speaking of bright futures…that cannonball you see streaking to Tyler Donovan’s cranium in the endzone is freshman cornerback Eric Berry. I’ll say it again: Remember his name. They’ll be screaming it in Neyland.

Salut. Oh, Erik.


Still healing from about seventeen injuries. Playing without his favorite targets. 365 yards, 2 scores, no picks. That’s my boy. It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to watch him lead this team.


Happy trails, darlin’. We’ll be seeing you Sundays.

7 thoughts on “Outback Bowl: Curtain call.

  1. Kiper has Ainge as the 4th QB now, behind Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm and Flacco from Delaware, and ahead of John David Bootay.

    Saw on the news last night that Morely is on track to be at spring practice. Him and Berry should be a top safety tandem. On the other hand the scuttlebutt is Jerod Mayo is skipping his senior year, along with……Arian Foster. Seems they both got 2nd round picks when they asked for evaluations. I hope they both stay. Mayo is outstanding and I dog Arian a lot but he’ll be good in the rotation if he stays away from the fumbling. Still, I hope Hardesty can stay healthy. He’s dynamic.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen Erik anywhere from 4th to 8th. And at this point I’m almost ready to cut bait regarding Foster. Did he make any discernible progress this year that I just missed?

  3. People would be lining up to buy Arian a plane ticket back to California if Jesus hadn’t picked up his fumble against South Carolina and handed it to Jacques McClendon. Never understood why they didn’t Bryson-ate him and make him a fast fullback…heck when Holbert went down that left them with zero fullbacks. Since Hardesty has a carry-to-injury ratio of 2:1, Creer might be the starter if Arian stays or fumbles, I mean goes.

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