RosezzzZZZzzz Bowl Wrapup: Pete Carroll without end, amen.


Choose the form of the destructor.

49-17?? This game shouldn’t have even happened. No one wins. Not the Grandaddy Bowl, which takes a massive PR hit. Not Rashard Mendenhall, a consistently entertaining watch whose 155-yard game was overshadowed by his team taking it in the mouth for four quarters. Not Desmond Reed, whose endzone gymnastics should have been encouraged, not penalized, in the name of giving us something interesting to look at. Certainly not the fans of the game (entertaining though it was to watch the Trojans rack up 633 yards of offense, we will now be treated to another offseason of their media darlinghood..and I say that as a fan of USC).


What’s not to love?

Who in their right mind wants to face Pete Carroll on the opposite sideline with a point to prove? Say what you will about the salesmanship of these two coaches, argue till you’re blue in the face whether their jovial, Up-With-People acts are acts at all…but one of them backs it up with quality, year after year, and it ain’t Herr Jetski. It couldn’t have been Georgia in the other endzone…but it should’ve been.


Get used to lying prone on the field, son.

I’m digging this Sporting News headline: Illini see run to Rose Bowl as a catapult, not aberration. Well, boys, there are the giant flaming boulders that streak over fortress walls wreaking all manner of damage, and there are flung rocks that bounce uselessly off a big damn wall.


Sam Baker, plunderer of my heart.

Photos: Associated Press, We Are SC

2 thoughts on “RosezzzZZZzzz Bowl Wrapup: Pete Carroll without end, amen.

  1. Not much of a game. Predictably so, I ‘spose.

    I do appreciate the sentiment of the Rose Bowl committee. The Big Ten and the Pac-10 ~should~ square off on New Year’s day. But the game loses most of its magic when the conference champs get taken in other bowls.

    I say scrub this obnoxious BCS stuff and go back to the old bowl tie ins. Afterwards we usually knew who were the top 2 teams. Play another bowl one week later.

    Save the old bowls and their tradition AND get a real champ. As it stands we get neither.


  2. Big10/Pac 10 – Nonsense!!!

    Rose Bowl tradition to be sure but we should remember that it was in the Rose Bowl that ND and, much more importantly, southern football first came to prominence. Recall Holly’s beloved Vols in all their Nylandesque glory (entered game undefeated unscored upon in 1939) and that other team of which she is somewhat less fond.

    Of course the Big Televen, with all of thier recent…err…accomplishments, is only slightly less likely to give up their perch in Pasadena than the Russians were Stalingrad.

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