International Bowl Recap: Would you like some Rice with that W?

As everyone predicted, Rutgers pounced on Ball State, defeating them 52-30. The story of the game was Ray Rice.
He was simply it: 4 TDs and 280 yards, including a 90-yard score. Rice ended the season with 2,012 yards. Mike Teel, who has garnered a lot of ridicule from me this season, played brilliantly, with 3 TDs and 303 yards. (Of course, he still had an INT. But, we’ll let that one slide.)

Ray stretches during pre-game warmups.

He just cannot be stopped.

You never really realize how small Ray really is until he’s amongst his teammates.

Hoist the trophy, Coach!

Stiff arm.

This was the part of the game that made me tear up (what? I’m a mom, too!). His mother was just so proud of him, and when interviewed, could barely summon up the words to describe how she felt. So cute.

During the game, I switched to the Army All-American game, to see to whom Brandon Smith was committing.

He’s a local boy, from New Brunswick, NJ, 20 minutes from my home, and (conveniently) where Rutgers is. Alas, he chose Michigan. Treat him well, SA!

It may have been just an International Bowl victory, but it’s something to build on after a disappointing season. Coming off last year’s 11-2 run, I really expected better things out of a more mature team. Things didn’t work out that way, but next season’s a new season, and the fun starts all over again in September. I cannot wait.

4 thoughts on “International Bowl Recap: Would you like some Rice with that W?

  1. Oh, Dearest Ladies, specfically MetsChick–

    If we are not Rutgers fans, and we assume that this game was between a couple of Just OK teams, played in Frickin’ Toronto, and that it therefore doesn’t matter at all, what would you say?

    (I don’t mean to be Danny to your Casey, but The International Bowl struck me as incredibly stupid.)

  2. Good win Metsy. I watched a good bit of it and Rutgers was clearly a notch or two better… no surprise on that count was there?

    Hopefully the Big East can negotiate some better bowl ties ins over the next couple years. After the BCS tie in it goes downhill quickly. Often much moreso than the talent of the teams. Rutgers could have beaten a lot of teams I saw play in bigger bowls.


  3. The International Bowl struck me as incredibly stupid.

    Of course it was incredibly stupid. If I hadn’t been an RU grad, of course I just would’ve put up a bunch of pics, and ridiculed the winner. Because seriously, the Int’l Bowl is small time.

    But, I am an RU grad, and we all wrote about our teams. I would’ve preferred that my team have gone to a more prestigious bowl, but things didn’t work out that way.

    (But I def. hear what you’re saying!)

    Thanks, Will!

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