One Citrusy Good Win

I know I should do a recap for the Citrus-excuse me, Capital One-Bowl but right now I could care less about stats and crap. Chad Henne had a great game. Adrian Arrington had a great game. Percy Harvin had a great game for the Gators. Hell, even Tim Tebow had a good game when he wasn’t on his back. I’m not going to brag. I’m not going to talk about Heismans or SEC Speed. I’m not going to talk about what could have, should have been this season. I’m not going to talk about the new coach, effective today. Right now, I’m going to take a few moments to completely enjoy the fact that my team won a game that no one, not even Michigan fans, thought they could win. I’m going to take a moment to be happy for the only coach I’ve ever known throughout my fandom so far. I’m going to take a moment to be happy that the seniors get to go out with a win.

More celebration pics…

That ridiculous…

…one handed catch.

Another great Adrian Arrington catch. Please come back AA!

I couldn’t resist.

The last defensive stand.

The sideline after the fourth down play.

Quite possibly my favorite Wolverine the past couple of seasons, Carson Butler.

Yep. As it should be.

5 thoughts on “One Citrusy Good Win

  1. My congrats SA. I was very happy to see Lloyd walk out a winner. A classy man and a better coach than folks gave him credit for. He was a lovable old grouch even to those of us who consider Michigan a conference rival.


  2. Thanks Penguin. I gotta say that the best thing has been all the congratulations for Michigan from rivals. It’s great to know that you had a coach that everybody respected.

    TG-the fact that we beat Florida just added to the excitement.

  3. yay, loved this post, SA!

    getting Rich quick or not, I’m gonna miss Lloyd and all his stodgy stubborness. 1997 is still a really great year (my freshman year at UM nonetheless)!

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