Hump Day Hottie: Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards has been a victim of what I like to think of as the “Cleveland Effect”: if you play for a Cleveland team, your hotness is camoflaged by wearing a uniform with “CLEVELAND” on it somewhere. Braylon looked hot playing for Michigan, and he still looks hot playing for Cleveland– but a guy has to be extra specially hot to overcome the Cleveland Effect and get his own HDH (see: Sizemore, Grady). Everyone has been busy fawning over the new kid taking his shots for the Browns at QB, but I maintain that Braylon is the best looking guy on the team. He even has his own fan club (of sorts) – the Braylon Bunch… started by eight guys. Such is the hotness of Braylon, even straight men recognize.

But it was this picture in Sports Illustrated that finally convinced me to overlook the Cleveland Effect and make Braylon an HDH – because not only is he beautiful to look at, and talented on the field, but he pledged $1 million in scholarship money for 100 needy eighth-grade students in Cleveland. With that list of qualifications, who cares if he plays for the Browns?

How that group of eighth grade girls can look so bored with that pretty sitting so close by, I’ll never know. Oh, right- they live in Cleveland.

For lots more of Braylon, follow me after the jump…

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21 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Braylon Edwards

  1. I love Braylon. Loved him from the minute he suited up for the Maize and Blue to him wearing the #1 jersey to now playing for the Browns. I actually cheered for Cleveland the past two years because of Braylon. That’s how much power he has over me.

    Two former Wolverines that were HDH. Awesome.

  2. ladies who love football keep taking over the bog world… pretty soon… there will be no more men…

    I love your spot… and braylon is definitely a cutie… met him a couple times and he seemed really immature and full of himself but he’s young… especially after seeing the special he did on inside the nfl where he gave a million dollars in scholarships to some cleveland inner city kids… I’m glad to see that he has grown as a man, and as well as a football player see he’s had the best season of his career this year… I know he’ll do big things in the future.

  3. He should walk around in nothing but his white football pants, all the time. Every day. I think he owes that to the poor women of Cleveland, who have to live in, y’know, Cleveland.

  4. Per Eb’s comment regarding Braylon’s maturity, his mama even said in an interview awhile back that Braylon was a wee bit socially immature. However in recent times, it seems that he’s grown as a person. He is serious about his community service and his commitment to excellence on the field. Goodness, any woman who lands him has won the lottery…he is true beauty.

  5. Wow…I had no idea. I absolutely agree that he should walk around with nothing but white football pants all the time, I could stare at those pictures for hours. Delicious!

  6. My favorites of all of these are the one where he’s sliding in the snow like it’s a Slip’n’Slide, and the draft day pictures where he is grinning from ear to ear.

    I also love that he wore a “Braylon Bunch” shirt to training camp this summer.

  7. Eb and Sabryna-yeah, the stories about Braylon being immature especially his first years at UM were a bit more than any fan would like to admit. I’m just glad that he has grown up.

    And we need to start a campaign or something to get Braylon in nothing but white football pants.

  8. LOL.. I also concur about the white football pants… and he aint the only one… we really need to start getting a campaign to get some women on the board so that we can regulate the wardrobes…lol

  9. His smile is gorgeous. I agree with Liz in that he should waer it more often. I never see any candids of him in Cleveland.

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