Some Sun and Some Insight: It Ain’t No 3-in-1, But It’ll Do…

Ah, two blowouts. Makes it a little easier on me. Especially since I, ah, didn’t get a chance to watch the games as I was getting ready for our New Year’s party where my parents-and the whole family- were going to be introduced to the BF. I know, I know! I’m sorry.

Oregon put the whoop ass on South Florida, 56-21, and Oklahoma State did the same against Indiana, 49-33. Onto the pics!Jonathan Stewart of Oregon set a Sun Bowl record with 253 yards rushing, and Justin Roper threw 4 TD passes. South Florida’s defense was just no match for the Ducks.

Stewart is apart from the rest of the field. (yeah, yeah, I can’t get my phrasing right.)

Yeah, cover your face, bull, cover your face.

Hoist your MVP trophy, Stewart, you deserved it! Also, why is there a chick in the background wearing a tiara?

With regards to the Insight Bowl, oh, who the hell besides Oklahoma State and Indiana fans care? Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson threw 3 TD and 302 yards and ran for 2 TD and 70 yards. He was clearly The Man for Oklahoma State. Everyone else on the field was just there. It was Zac’s world, and they just lived in it.

Celebrate with Zac (#11).

Move, bitch, get out the way.

Can’t catch me, so step aside.

I told you, you can’t catch me, so let me go!

And, fin.

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