Champs Sports The Musical: Once More, With Feeling!

Michigan State and Boston College both tried their damnedest to lose this game. 7 turnovers in all, 5 by Michigan State. And yet, at the end, the Spartans had a real shot to win it. They kind of pissed it down their legs, though, with “tricky” plays like the QB running backwards for 12 yards on a 4th and inches instead of handing the ball to the damn fullback and punching it through. Big Ten Bowl record: 1-1. Sigh.

In part 2 of what is sure to become a regular series here at Ladies where I ogle barely-legal football players (seriously, these fellas are born in ’87 and ’88), I’d like to share with you the festivities from the Champs Sports Bowl Kickoff Luncheon. Following the Quiche Course, Spartan freshman linebacker Jon Misch played the piano. I don’t recognize the piece; I’m assuming it was written by some gentleman who wore a powdered wig at one time or another.

Wow…is it hot in here?

Then Spartan junior free safety Otis Wiley sang “The Longest Time.” Billy Joel, he is not. I’m not even sure he’s heard “The Longest Time” before. But I applaud the effort. If a summer camp-esque talent show is what goes on at bowl game luncheons, I have GOT to find a way to travel with a DI football team.

6 thoughts on “Champs Sports The Musical: Once More, With Feeling!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Jon Misch (yes I know he’s a freshman and good lord am I too old for him) pictures.

    I think it took me a good five minutes before I could speak again after ESPN showed him tickling the ivories.

  2. I can only feel this was sports karma righting the scales after Michigan State handed Texas its first loss in basketball this season.

    So- Lady A has now delivered two musical genius posts in a row. I cannot wait to see what happens with the Alamo Bowl…

  3. Oh man, now I’m all pressured. Yikes.

    Minda, tickling the ivories is a little dirty, but I contemplated captioning the Misch pictures with “Imagine how dextrous his fingers are…”

    And thank you, Ian.

  4. That is my LITTLE brother your talking about ladies, you should be ashamed! LOL. He has always been cute though, would just have to flash that smile and he could weasel out of anything!

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