Texas Bowl: TCU vs. Houston


This is the logo for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs. You do not need to see the bowl logo, or to know anything else about tonight’s matchup (because it’s at 8:00 on a Friday night on the NFL Network; you won’t even see the damned thing), apart from the following:

Now, this has been covered to death, but does not stop it from being the coolest power ever. Fuck flying; fuck invisibility; my wish to make my head spin 360 degrees when angered has been replaced by a burning desire for the powers of the Texas horned lizard. Who needs a T-shirt gun when your mascot can send streams of blood from its effing EYES into the opposing student section?

(Yes, this is the actual mascot; no, as near as I can discern, the suit does not contain spitting mechanisms; and no, I have no idea why it’s wearing a midriff shirt.)

And yes, apart from the threads, that’s pretty much exactly what they look like:


Now, I know what you’re all asking: “Is there some sort of preservation society for these majestic critters, and do they have a national conference I might attend?” Yes, and yes.

The Pick: TCU, 27-7, by virtue of having the most nightmare-fuelingest, fire-ant-eatingest, mistaken-for-an-amphibianest mascot on God’s green earth.

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