Bowl: The pizza I ordered from Papa John’s was better

what a ugly-ass logo 

It’s kinda hard to recap a game you didn’t see.  You see, it all started when I lent my car to my teenage nephew.  He ran into another car, resulting in a minor fender bender.  None of this happened today, but I finally had a chance today to go out and get an estimate, and that errand snowballed into another, and I’m finally getting back home, and I just checked to see that the Cincinnati Bearcats mauled the Southern Mississippi, um, something or other (what are they? Ah, they’re the Golden Eagles).  Well, they didn’t really maul them, they won 31-21, but don’t Bearcats maul thing?  What does a Bearcat look like? 

This is where I’d insert a picture of a bearcat.  Alas, I’m working on my boyfriend’s crappy laptop, and it’s not letting me insert an image.  Thanks a lot, you piece of shit Tecra 8100! When I get home to a computer that was built in this century, I’ll upload the pics I saw from the bowl. 

Ed. note: here’s your bearcat.


Soak the coach!

Ben Mauk, Cincinnati’s QB, had a fantastic game, passing for 334 yards and 4 TDs.  He also had 3 INT, but the Golden Eagles obviously weren’t able to capitalize on that.  Mauk was also his team’s leading rusher, with 41 yards.  Southern Miss’ QB Jeremy Young threw for 122 yards, and 2 TDs, but he also had 3 INT, and we can see that the Bearcats definitely took advantage of that.  Damion Fletcher was Southern Miss’ leading rusher and receiver, with 155 and 50 yards, respectively. 

There are some delicious Bearcats in that pic.  The guy holding the trophy is hot, and so is the guy to the left signaling #1.  And is that Grady Sizemore behind the trophy?

 (And I didn’t get a pizza from Papa John’s.  Although I now want one.)

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