Las Vegas Bowl: Battle of the Intangibles

Few things give a sports blogger greater pleasure than a team roster that lists personal tidbits on players.    Join us after the jump for a bowl prediction based entirely on bio supremacy.  UCLA versus Brigham Young.  Tonight, 8 PM, ESPN.


OT Brian Abraham and TE Nate Chandler:   Hobbies include “playing sports”.

QB McLeod Bethel Thompson’
s full name:  McLeod John Baltazar Bethel-Thompson.

WR Brandon Breazell:   Spends his free time “riding”.

TB Ryan Carew and C Aaron Meyer:  Chess players!

LB Reggie Carter:
“Admires the passion with which the NFL’s Ray Lewis plays the game.”

C Chris Joseph:  Hobbies include “music appreciation”, and there’s his honor roll explanation:  “He has earned a spot on the Dean’s List (3.50 GPA or higher) in all but one quarter (he did not have 12 units of grades since one course was pass/not pass) and has had just one grade lower than an A- (B+) in his academic career.”  He’s also a geography major.  That’s like coloring maps, right?

FS Aaron Ware:  Hobbies include collecting rocks and insects and landscape design.

QB Osaar Rasshan: Has a brother named Imhotep, which is also the name of the mummy in Stephen Sommers’ 1999 instant classic remake.



DB Aaron Attig:  “An accomplished clogger.”

 Ballgame.  BYU, 28-12.

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas Bowl: Battle of the Intangibles

  1. Ever since Bethel-Thompson had to come in and play against Notre Dame, I’ve called him “The Highlander.” He’s even got an Orton-style neckbeard.

    I’ll be watching this one if only to note just how much the UCLA coaching search comes up.

  2. “Riding” what exactly? Ghost riding? Riding bitches? lawn mowers? Black stallions over desert islands, Saudi Arabia, and various races?

  3. You didn’t mention that young Mr Attig also plays the French Horn and tuba. If he could do this while clogging and pausing intermittently to shout Madridista slogans, BYU would have enough mojo to get into MNC contention, I think.

  4. I think we’re all glad Brian Abraham and Nate Chandler enjoy playing sports. I shudder to think what would happen if they listed “playing chess” or “reading books” as a hobby.

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