Leaked: LoDuca Pictures from the Mitchell Report

Call me if you need anything!
My phone is toast!

My source (remember him?) just gave me some new photographic evidence of Paul LoDuca’s steroid use. They’re right after the jump.

Here we have LoDuca’s trainer injecting him with some banned substances.

Apparently, most of these transactions happened in plain view.

So sad to see LoDuca engaging in such transactions with his child being right there.

And, of course, after a hard day of roiding up, LoDuca turns to the ladies.

20 thoughts on “Leaked: LoDuca Pictures from the Mitchell Report

  1. Check out the smug look on the trainer! You know he’s just setting up Lo Duca with a smirk like that.

    And if I hadn’t read the captions, I would have assumed this was some sort of evil plan by Stuffed Anipal Penguins to clone themselves and steal our Barbies.

  2. Thanks for brightening my day. With finals starting tomorrow I really needed something to cheer me up…maybe I should get back to studying for those now? ;)

  3. Metsy, I am now more convinced than ever that I should send you the mascot stand-ins I have for Wake Forest, the Mets, Phillies, Iowa Hawkeyes, Michigan, and Pirates. They could be used to hold proxy round table discussions once you found a Tennessee Volunteer and a Texas Longhorn.

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