Hit n Run: Good MLB News Before the Storm Breaks

Cy Young Hottie Jake Peavy has just inked the biggest deal in San Diego Padres history. According to the article, here is the payment schedule: Peavy will make $6.5 million in 2008 and $11 million in 2009. The new money kicks in in 2010, when he’ll make $15 million. He’ll earn $16 million in 2011 and $17 million in 2012. The club holds a $22 million option for 2013, or a $4 million buyout. If he remains with the Padres through 2013, he’ll make $87.5 million. [Holy Crap, That is a Lot of Money]

Pinstripe Hottie Andy Pettitte inked a nice deal with the Yankees, though it’s no Peavy Purse. Pettitte and the Yankees agreed to a $16 million, one-year contract, a formality after the 35-year-old lefty decided about 10 days earlier to pitch for New York next year rather than retire. I’m surprised to learn Pettitte is 35 years old. I thought he was younger for some reason. [Don’t Care That He’s 35 and a Yankee. Still hot.]

Under the Radar Hottie Ben Broussard has been traded from Seattle to Texas. The Rangers acquired this first baseman for a minor leaguer named Tug Hulett. Heh. Broussard, a Texas native, hit .275 with seven homers and 29 RBIs in 99 games this season for the Mariners. [Mmmmm, Who is This Strapping Young Lad?]

In the “May or May Not Be True” Department, I’ve got a tip from my St. Louis guy that since the Cubs declined to offer a 2008 contract to Rivals Hottie Mark Prior, the Cardinals are going after him. Not sure how I feel about that…on the one hand, his arm may possibly be held together with two safety pins and some caulk. On the other hand, maybe we’ll get him from the Cubs and suddenly he’ll win the Cy Young and a couple rings. Snerk…chortle…snicker…BWAHAHAHAHA. [Getting Rid of those Blues, Puttin’ on the Reds?]

6 thoughts on “Hit n Run: Good MLB News Before the Storm Breaks

  1. Mark Prior going to the Cards and suddenly becoming 2003 Mark Prior again is my worst nightmare. Prior’s jersey was the only one I’ve ever bought. When that guy was on, it was amazing.

  2. Woooohooo! Screw you Yanks! (at least until 2013). Apparently we signed Iguchi yesterday too. I’m not as thrilled about that one, but he does seem decent enough.

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