Hottie Hit n Run: Heisman Edition

The 4 Heisman candidates were announced last night, so I thought we’d take a gander at the nominees. These four fine strapping young lads will travel to New York City on Saturday for the ceremony, though most people seem to think it is a foregone conclusion that the winner will be a certain Gator (booooo). I am grudgingly inclined to agree, now that Dennis Dixon is not a contender. (He coulda been a contender!) Anyway, I now present the Heisman Finalists for 2007. They can be our Heis Men. Rise Men. Size Men. Lies [down next to us] Men. (I know, it’s a stretch.)

Colt Brennan

This one’s for you, Metsy.
Also, has LaRussa been teaching him tricks?

Colt has taken the Rainbow Warriors to the only perfect season in Bowl Subdivision football. Hawaii is on their way to their first-ever BCS bowl, as they meet up with Georgia in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day. This season Colt passed for 4,174 yards and 38 touchdowns. He also set the all-time touchdown passes record of 131.

Chase Daniel


He was a surprising late-edition to the Heisman chase (ba dump ching!), but put together a nice little season of 4,170 yards and 33 TDs. Then got totally screwed out of playing in a BCS game (Sorry Kansas, but you know it’s true). Coach Gary Pinkel had this nice thing to say, “This shines a huge light, a shining light, on the University of Missouri and the state.”

Darren McFadden

I’ll squash it, Coach!

The only running back in the Heisman Hunt, McFadden was the runner-up last year, finishing second to Troy Smith. This year, he rushed for 1,725 yards and 15 touchdowns. In the game against South Carolina, he tied the SEC single-game rushing record with 321 yards and in the upset over then-#1 LSU, he rushed for 206 yards, 3 touchdowns, and he passed for a touchdown.

Tim Tebow

Ooof. I fells down.

Tim Tebow…blahblahblah…great season…blahblahblah…838 yards rushing, 3,132 yards passing…blahblahblah…holy crap, 51 touchdowns…blahblahblah…probably gonna win.

21 thoughts on “Hottie Hit n Run: Heisman Edition

  1. If there were a sub-category of “Most tasty looking Heisman candidate,” Colt would also run away with it hands down, on the merits of the 1st picture.


  2. Amanda, I agree that “Colt” is a great name for a college QB. But I’d have to throw my vote to Colt McCoy over Colt Brennan. “Turkey Creek” Colt McCoy, gun-slinger for the Texas Longhorns.

    Minda, I found that pic and pretty much fainted dead over on the keyboard.

  3. Colt Brennan – 131 touchdown passes, 23 NCAA records, only undefeated team in America. Who else can say that? How can Colt Brennan not win the Heisman? If you are skeptical, I challenge you to watch last week’s Hawaii Vs Washington. Colt is incredible. You might become a believer.

  4. I think Tebow will win (and maybe should), but I’m hoping Colt at least comes in at #2. I stayed up until 3:30am to watch him handle Washington. So hot.

    Chase Daniel picks his nose and eats it. Not hot.

  5. Heisman voters are very often “body of work” voters – and it really is an award for the “major conferences” – seriously, why didn’t Kevin Smith get an invite? I think if Tebow doesn’t make more history this weekend – the award will go to McFadden.

    As far as excellence in looks, physique and general cutiepieness – all 4 of these guys are winners.

    Although Tebow couldn’t win that blogger contest y’all had earlier this year – so maybe not.

  6. I gotta agree with Joe. I’ve been following this team, and Colt, all season and he’s been amazing. The whole team has been this year. I hope they slaughter Georgia.

  7. I cannot WAIT to see Colt all dressed up in a suit.

    And then I’d like to see said suit crumpled up on the floor. You know where…

    Thanks, Andie, for that delicious picture of Colt.

  8. I have to show some love for Chase. He can pick his nose all he wants! (And seriously, all guys pick their nose.) He’s hot, talented, humble, and a Tiger. That’s all I need in a man…

    And for the record, I went to Mizzou and worked for the athletic department when we were really excited to go to the Bowl. If only we had Coach Pinkel then!

  9. Ellen-that? Is awesome. Makes me like Colt more.

    And I’m kinda hoping Tebow wins (don’t hate me Holly!). I want the curse of the Heisman to continue dammit.

  10. Just when I think I’m alone in my Colt Brennan Lust … ahhh. Kindred spirits. PS – much like Becks, Tebow is a hottie till he opens his mouth.

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