Hit & Run

Tom Brady and his Patriots pulled a miracle out of their asses and beat the Baltimore Ravens, 27-24, last night, thanks to the Ravens’ many penalties. I didn’t see the game (of course – but I have a good excuse! My laptop nearly died, and it was only my brother-in-law’s expert care that brought it back from the brink. I spent all last night at his place getting that fixed.), but you know that other Ladies… did!

You better join me after the jump, or Tom will impregnate you! TSW: GAH FUCK RTHAT GAMEJDSA
Lady Andrea: That game was fucking INSANE. I about had a stroke like 10 times. Also, for a while, I really thought I’d pull off the fantasy upset. Damn TD to Gaffney. Sigh.
Lady Andrea: Right at the end, when whoever that was caught the 52 yd hail mary, I started screaming to the other Raven nearby “PUSH HIM IN! PUSH HIM IN!” I’m not really sure what came over me. It’s been a stressful evening of MNF.
Holly: Ravens got it back with 50 seconds. They ran 2 plays and had 14 seconds left. Well played, Professor Brian. GAH.
Holly: oh, fuck tom brady in his smug face. I can’t even watch this interview. Also, I think he’s wearing a sweatervest.

seriously, how old is Elijah Dukes?

Are the Nationals turning into the Milford School (for Wayward Boys)? They’ve acquired Elijah Dukes in a trade from the Tampa Bay Rays. He and Lastings Milledge should totally be roomies.

The Toronto Blue Jays, the Ladies…1986: Take Two team, will be sporting these fine powder blue, vintage unis on Fridays, for night games, in the upcoming season.

Our condolences to Stephen Marbury on the death of his father, Donald Marbury, Sr. Mr. Marbury was 69.

Sean Taylor’s funeral was held yesterday at Florida International University. It’s always sad to see a young man cut down in the prime of his life, and doubly so when he leaves behind a small child who will never really know him.

My heart breaks for Jackie Taylor, who will never really know her dad. (And just to give you all a little insight into my morbid sense of humor: as the tears stream down my cheeks while I read the story and look at pictures, I wonder why the daughter of a millionaire has such a cheap-looking stroller. And that’s how I have stayed sane these last 3 years. Gotta find a little humor even in the most tragic of stories.)

21 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. You better join me after the jump, or Tom will impregnate you!

    So are you expecting most of the female readers to stay away from the jump?

  2. So are you expecting most of the female readers to stay away from the jump?

    I didn’t think – just because I don’t want to be impregnated, doesn’t mean anyone else won’t…

  3. I watched MNF with my dad last night and I had to restrain myself from screaming “STUPID FUCKING DREAMBOAT!” at the TV in the last 44 seconds.

    Stupid fucking Dreamboat.

  4. JB* and tiff, you don’t have to (or get to) have sex with the Dreamboat in order for him to get you pregnant. All you have to do is look.

    Metsy, I actually thought the same thing about the stroller. You’re so not alone, darlin’.

  5. @Holly: It was v-neck sweater, not a sweater vest. I think it had arms. He was a giant dick in that post-game interview though; what was up with him just splitting in the middle of a question?

  6. I think the Ravens played a heck of a game, even if in the end people will say they “gave it up”. Come on. They’ve won about 4 games all season and to pull this close to a team that everyone seems willing to clammer over one another to fellate… I’m impressed. They played with as much passion as was absolutely necessary. (Because obviously playing with a “game plan” against this team isn’t enough.)

    Aside of this… Power Blue? Really?

  7. Even though I needed the points, I was rooting for the Ravens. I might love Tom Brady, but I can’t stand the Patriots. Quite a sports conundrum I’m in.

  8. He answered alot of questions and said, ‘two more’ – he then went on to answer 5 more and then had to split – there is this thng called a bus that takes you to this other thing called a plane dumbarse!!!!!

    PS Tom looked HOT HOT HOT!

  9. now that’s where you and I differ, kcmichelle….I know a lot of ladies love Mr. Gordon, but I just don’t always see it. Give me Grudzy or DeJesus any day (or night!).

  10. Well, I love those boys too! I think Alex is a bit goofy looking but has a fine body and great skills at third. Damn, I’m ready for baseball season!

  11. The Ravens played an excellent game Monday night. Did anyone catch the heavy helping of crow from Don Schula – how great the Patriots are – it was sickening. And the Oscar goes to…. What was up with that?
    Now, on to the Steelers!

  12. Is it that my eyes deceive me, or are the same Ladies… that pimp the Red Sox not pimping the Patriots?

    How could one selectively catch Bostonaires’s Disease?

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