Pink Locker Room

What a PERFECT ending to the craziest college football season I can remember. The best comment I saw right when the game ended was “You just got WANNSTACHED!” Heh. I think I’ll let Clare do the talking on this one:

Clare: [jumps around living room like an autistic child] WoooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo! Light the golden lamps of victory! What? Pitt went 5-7 on the season? And 3-4 in the Big East? Oh. Uh….


Ed.’s note:  There is no Dana, only Zuul.

Metschick: I was very disappointed by Rutgers’ loss to Louisville, but not surprised. It’s uncanny, really, how the Rutgers football season mirrored the Mets’ season. Both teams, coming off great years last year, started the season strong. Then came the first stumble (June for the Mets, Maryland/Cincy for the Knights) that should have tipped us all off to the fact that these teams weren’t last year’s teams.

Then came a brief period of success, followed by the second stumble (early Sept. for the Mets, WVU for the Knights) – and after it seemed that the teams had (w)righted their ships (the Mets’ modest winning streak mid Sept., RU vs. Army/Pitt) came the choke.

Okay, I know none of you cares about all that. After a great start to the game, Rutgers simply choked in the second half, as they let Louisville score a million unanswered points, including the game-winning field goal. It’s a frustrating way to end the regular season, but I’m already looking forward to the International Bowl (sigh) against Ball State. (So excited that I’ll be staying at the Renaissance Hotel right next to Rogers Centre! I really wanted a field view room, but, alas, they were all gone.)

I should shut up now.

Ed.’s note: Holy shit. I did not look closely enough
at that picture the first time around and about had a stroke.

Andrea: UNI got beat by the Fightin’ Blue Hens. Sigh. I’m fairly certain Mt. Union of D III football could beat any 1A team in the state of Iowa this year. (Not really, UNI is pretty good, but they did not look good this past weekend). I also told Holly I dug the Vawls uniforms this week.

Holly: We haven’t worn those orange pants since ’99. They’re kind of a cult status thing on Rocky Top, supposed to be good juju. And they were. We had no business BEING at that game, let alone making it close, and we were nearly there. But no power in the ‘verse can withstand the ghastly game-breakingness of Bad Erik. He only made one appearance this year, but lordy, it was one for the books.

Ed.’s note: This is not Ainge. Ainge is white.
This is just an example of the uniforms,
in case you did not watch the game.

12 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. Congrats Clare. I was rooting for you.

    Also, Ainge cannot make a cut like that. Maybe that has something to do with said being white. I dunno. He does appear to be cutting directly into the LSU d-line though, so maybe Ainge would be capable of that.

  2. A Firefly reference! I become more certain all the time about hanging out at the Ladies… site.

    Rose Bowl for Illinois is the big thrill at my house. Well, sure.

  3. I was at a fundraiser on Saturday night and a few Pitt alums and I happened to find each other – I’m a current Pitt student. When we found out that Pitt was actually *winning* we broke into cheers of “LET’S GO PITT!” which, being at a fundraiser, was odd. Did we make it into a bowl? Nope. Did we have a winning season? Nope. Did we wipe the smug grins off of the WVU kids who’d already made hotel reservations? Oh hell yes.

  4. Although I wanted Big East representation in the title game, I was very happy for Pitt. And thinking of the heartache WVU caused RU last season, I must also say I enjoyed the agony their fans suffered.

  5. Metschick,

    When your alleged good head coach has never beaten a team (Schiano is 0-fer his Rutgers career against WVU), it isn’t a ‘stumble’ when he loses to them again, it is Schiano staying true to form.

    Take heart; at least it wasn’t 80-7.

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