Saturday Morning Hate Sex: The Hit Parade

And this’ll about do it for the 2007 season. (Was it good for you?) One day of conference championships and rivalry games, then that’s all, she wrote.

(Programming note: Five Ladies’ teams have wrapped their seasons. If you care to follow along with us, we’ll be glued to Tennessee vs. LSU on CBS at 4:00 Eastern, and Pitt vs. West Fuckin’ Virginia at 7:45 on ESPN.)

I know better than to try and wrap my head around the past three months. (I mean, my boys are about to play for the SEC Championship. The hell?) But there’ll be long months of analysis and head-scratching in the offseason, and we’ve still got games to play. So kick back, pour a drink, and enjoy a little afternoon delight with the finest of the season’s hate sex recipients…gentlemen we’d love to hit, in one fashion or another.

Corey Lynch, DB, Appalachian State.





Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.





DJ Hall, WR, Alabama.




Pat White, QB, West Fuckin’ Virginia.





Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State.


Boys, the pleasure has been…all ours. See you in the bowls.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Hate Sex: The Hit Parade

  1. I can’t decide if I’m sad I didn’t get some Texas A&M hotties to hate sex… or if I’m deliriously happy. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Actually, I’m 100% sure.

  2. @ Texas Gal:

    I couldn’t agree more. Who wants to hate sex someone with ATM on their helmet? We all know what that REALLY stands for. GROSS!

  3. Just more salt in my Michigan loving wound.

    Sigh. There’s always next season. With who at the helm we’ll have to wait and see, but next season will come.

  4. SA,

    I’m starting to think it’s going to be Debord with Hermann back as DC. But then I’ve been drinking for several hours now.

  5. Clare, in my opinion Pittsburgh already won, the fix sure does seem to be in by the Big East to get WVU in the championship game. I mean seriously, this is unbelievable.

  6. Steve, that refereeing was for shit. My friend Mario texted me during the game to tell me the head ref was a high school classmate of his dad’s. Guess where head referee went to college?

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