Cowboys 37 Packers 27

Sympathies to Texas Gal for the injuries to her boy man Favre, but I think she’ll be okay now that her Cowboys have clinched a playoff with tonight’s win. Tony Romo went 19-30 for 309 yards in a game that saw more long bombs than the South Pacific, racking up four touchdowns and setting a club record 33 TDs on the season.

Now for the pretty pictures.

I swear Favre is flexing his older man ass as not to be outdone by the young gun.

Maybe his ass is just always that high.


Who cares that he’s a complete fruit loop, Neon Deion rocks a suit like few other men.

And then, the bruised elbow and separated shoulder.

Can’t… type… what… this… picture… of… TO… makes… me…

Hello Aaron! Freakishly big hands!

Why did AP and Getty completely ignore one of the hottest TE’s in the league, Jason Witten? Had to go to the file to remind the world of his hotness.


13 thoughts on “Cowboys 37 Packers 27

  1. I absolutely CANNOT stand the way Romo wears his hat backwards on the sidelines, all the fucking time. It drives me completely insane. So much so, that I can’t even recognize how handsome he is. I just can’t get past it. Kills me.

  2. I think Aaron Rogers looks like Martin Grammatica’s slightly retarded cousin. I have nothing to base this on, but the belief that men with strange faces and overly-bushy eyebrows belong to the same genetic family.

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