Hottie Hit n Run

In Coaching Carousel News, the LSU Tigers have granted Les Miles permission to talk to Michigan about the head coaching job. LSU athletic director Skip Bertman granted the request on condition that Michigan representatives wait until after Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game in Atlanta before starting negotiations. Michigan AD Bill Martin was quoted as saying, “We’ll have the finest facilities in the country. We also have patience to work with a coach as he transitions in.” Heh. [Look, SA, Look! The Wolverines are going after Les Miles! No more of this Ferentz talk. You don’t want him anyway.]

There has been a 6-man trade that sends outfielder Delmon Young to the Minnesota Twins and hottie pitcher Matt Garza to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. The Twins also sent starting shortstop Jason Bartlett and bullpen prospect Eduardo Morlan to the Rays. Minnesota also acquired middle infielder Brendan Harris and minor league outfielder Jason Pridie. [Finally a Big Interesting Trade Happens! Bring On More!]

Hottie Lebron James sprained his left index finger in the Cavaliers’ loss to the Detroit Pistons last night. The X-rays were negative and he will be evaluated again on Thursday.  [Ed.’s note:  Fuck.  Today’s Thursday.  Today.] Lebron returned to the bench late in the third, wearing a suit and turtleneck (awwwww), with tape wrapped around his index and middle fingers on his left hand. [C’mere Lebron, the Ladies Will Kiss it Better]

In more NBA News, Orlando Hottie Dwight Howard had a career-high 39 points last night in the Magic’s win over the Seattle Supersonics. He was 12 for 17, dunking 9 times and 15 for 20 from the charity stripe. Way to go, Dwight! [6’11, 265, 22 years-old…hello, Dwight.]

8 thoughts on “Hottie Hit n Run

  1. It looks to me like LeBron is wearing Sperry Top-Siders.

    [clenches teeth] LeBron, let’s go sip Sapphire and tonic on my yacht! Perhaps we can lunch on the Cape tomorrow. Lobster rolls? Then we’ll talk about our investment portfolios and how much we hate those awful Catholics!

  2. “We’ll have the finest facilities in the country. We also have patience to work with a coach as he transitions in.”
    HAHAHAHA. That’s rich Bill Martin. Although better than Frenetz (sorry Andie), I’m a big “eh” on the whole Les Miles thing.

    I thought the shoes match each other, just not his outfit. Maybe it’s the way the picture makes his shoes look?

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