Hump Day Hottie: Tom Brady

I give. Uncle. I’m finally caving in and doing an HDH on Dreamboat, ok? I still haven’t forgotten how our nice happy Tony Romo post turned into some kind of battle royale, with legions of Dreamboatettes turning out to hate on my QB1. But I also recognize this ode to Mr. McScores-a-lot is long overdue, what with him and the Patriots wiping the floor with the rest of the NFL like they’re a dirty old mop.

So Tom Brady gets his HDH. Just don’t expect me to like it. Even if he is awfully dashing. Yeah, I said it – dashing. Debonair, even. It’s that chiseled jaw and perfect scruff, a lethal combination… even on a guy in a Patriots uniform.  Even on a Michigan Wolverine.

Tons more Bradyliciousness after the jump…

He likes puppies! And goats.

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55 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Tom Brady

  1. Yeah, I’m giving a big thumbs down to the Bike Pic, arty face-cover pic and Cowboy Touching My Lips picture. They all creep me out.

    That being said…..damn, he’s pretty. I wish I was that pretty.

  2. The cheese-to-normal ratio among Tom Brady photos is very, very high. For every normal photo of him, there’s one of him with a goat. Or in farmer gear. Or posing weirdly.

    Brett Favre would rip his own arm off before he’d pose in that half-face covered way.

  3. Golly he looks like a young Larry Hagman in most of those pix (watched the 1966 flick “The Group” over the weekend – Hagman plays a drunken philanderer who calls a gorgeously young Candy Bergen a lesbo – classic).

    Although he has a Matt Damon thing going on in the goat picture.

  4. He is perfect! Seriously could be a model vs a QB. He is great at both.

    Favorite pic is the 4th one down. WOW, I mean just WOW!!!!

  5. I hate the Pats but have to watch them when they are on National TV just to see him on the sidelines. He is so hot and makes me want to jump his bones. He is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot!

  6. God, I hate the Patriots! HATE them, but Tom is so adorable and seems like a generally nice guy. He is very cute in a sexy kinda way. I hate myself for thinking it, but there is no denying it.

  7. Hey, maybe I should date Tom instead of Tony? Tom is way hotter and more famous and is already a champion.

    Seriously though, Tom is fine. Tony, is a geek.

    Bridget Moynihan gambled and lost when she tried to trap him with a pregnancy. What a dumb classless woman!

    Tom and Gisele look amazing together. Can you imagine the kids they would have? They would be 6’5″ and have the most amazing bone structure and be rich! They might create the perfect race.

  8. The goat picture is hilarious. It looks like something you would see on the cover of gay porn. not that I would know or anything.

    What’s up with his suit from the Eagles postgame conference? It doesn’t look like it fits him well at all, too baggy and not fitted, and the quality look somewhat questionable. I find that hard to believe given Gisele but maybe she was off busy with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. There’s a bit much black going on there too. I like his beanie and it appears to be pretty nice, but something about the way he’s wearing it seems off. Too much forehead? I dunno.

  9. Oh, I really dug his hat in the press conference. His face is amazing and it showed him off. This man has amazing bone structure. Saw him in person at training camp and pics do not do him justice. He is really handsome. Almost embarrassingly handsome!

  10. Julie, wasn’t that hit awesome?? Look at Brady’s face here. My dad and I were watching that and we were like, “OHHHH, SHIT! HE GOT KNOCKED ON HIS ASS!!!”

    Yostal, you and the Dreamboat were in the same class at Michigan? Got any fun stories to share? Remember, we’re girls and we like gossip. OK, I like gossip.

    Tex, you neglected to include my two absolute favorite Tom Brady moments.

    Tom at the Gramercy Park Hotel

    Sexual Harassment and You

    Honorable Mention: The Pope meets the Dreamboat

  11. I am not a football fan, not really anyways, yet I have watched some portion of every Patriots game this season just for those moments when the offense leaves the field and Tom takes off his helmet, or when hes on the field and licks his hands.
    Playing football at a ridiculously high level + ridiculously hot Tom Brady = bandwagon Patriots fan.
    God forbid he ever get ugly, I may never watch football again.

  12. I love the pic in the suit with the football. OMG! I need a poster of that.

    We have a huge Movado poster in our dorm hall. He stares at me when I walk up the stairs to my room and they I go under the covers for a few minutes. BLAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH………..Oh, I am so naughty!

  13. Sometimes he looks so hot and other times I don’t get it either. But, I will say in a football uniform he is just about perfect. His body is rockin hard!

  14. Thank you! He said his teammates gave him a bunch of shit about the goat picture…good for them! His face in it is funny, like he knew it was really bad. All of the dogs look really happy. It’s weird. And the bed one…really, really hot…but why did they make him hold a football?!?!

    He is super hot, but looks the best either 1) during practice or games and 2) during post-game conferences or interviews…not in cheesy styled photos. And the Trivia Club? I bet there were A TON of three sport athletes in that.

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  16. Well damn, am I the last one to see the post?

    My goal is to find one hot pic of him in his Michigan uniform. Pats uni=big “eh.” Michigan uni=heaven.

    Oh, and T-Gal, whatever you want, I’ll give it to ya. With the news of Miles maybe/probably going back to Ann Arbor, I think I needed this.

  17. …with legions of Dreamboatettes turning out to hate on my QB1.
    For the record, Romo is a hottie. That photo of him looking like a cowboy is perfection.

  18. UUUMMM…UUMMPH!!!!! That’s mighty fine eatin’!! Where’s the pic of him wearing the 3 Superbowl rings?? Even the dogs are panting…can you blame them??

  19. Where’s the love for those Working Class heroes, like Ben Roethlisberger or Derek Anderson? Tom Brady reminds me too much of Wayne Gretzky. Through all that greatness, you know if he took one really good hit, he’d be done for.

  20. I’ve got to admit Tony Romo doesn’t do it for me either. That photo of Cowboy Brady, however, provokes the caption of that line from Blazing Saddles…..”Excuse me while I whip this out!!”

  21. Not a huge fan of the arty shots with his hair slicked back, but I’m a sucker for all the pictures of him in eye black in uniform, looking all scruffy.

  22. He’s an arrogant, whiny crybaby who can’t keep it in his pants. There’s three, no, four things.

    Creepy, creepy goat boy. Don’t feed the animals, Tom!

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