Hit & Run


Well, the Steelers-Dolphins game finally ended. The Steelers beat the hapless, winless Dolphins on a last-second field goal. That seemed like a long, boring affair. I’ll admit it, I didn’t watch most of it (now how many times in the past 2+ months have I said that?). TSW (and any other Steelers fans) can regale us with tales of the game in the comments.


Coach Tomlin wants YOU to continue reading after the jump!

Meanwhile, over in the land of MLB, the Yankees’ attempts at obtaining everyone continue. They’re in trade talks with the Twins regarding Johan Santana. I want to see what package the Yankees come up for that one: Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes delivered to Minnesota on angels’ wings? That might do it…

Theo Epstein, he of the two World Series titles in four year, is expecting his first child any day now. I didn’t even know the wife was pregnant.


This one’s for Clare: Jimmy Rollins celebrated being named NL MVP with his girlfriend, Johari Smith (right), and his parents Gigi and James Rollins (left). His parents look as young as mine.

Oh, Johnny Damon, no one cares. (The woman on the left is Damon’s mother, and one on the right is his wife. And the little girl furthest the right is too cute.)

Pant, pant, pant

Amare Stoudemire attempts to catch his breath during the crazy game between his Suns and the Warriors. The Warriors beat the Suns by 15 points, 129-114.

Finally, over at the Garden, “The Knicks of Our Lives” (lame, yes – give me a break, it’s 3 am) continues after the Knicks upset the Jazz, 113-109, to put together a 2-game winning streak. Hey, they’ve gotta start somewhere, no?

3 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. That game smacked of the infamous “Ice Bowl”. Or whichever one it was I saw where the grounds people kept having to run out onto the field between places and shovel off the ever-deepening snow from the yardage markers.

    My favorite shot of the night (aside of the “splort” football, four inches into the turf) was of the Steelers sideline guy having to run onto the field and turn over a giant hunk of sod to cover up an enormous, muddy hole.

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