Hit & Run

The Broncos beat the Titans handily, winning 34-20.  And that squirrel ran onto the field.   Yes, Vince Young had an amazing game, with 305 yards and 2 TDs, plus 74 yards rushing and another TD.  But that squirrel is flying!

Congrats to Alex Rodriguez for winning this year’s AL MVP.   And for getting that juicy, new contract.  Between the A-Rod, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera contracts, the Yankees have spent close to $400 million.  Da-yum.

Mike Lowell will be staying with Red Sox.

In a move I don’t completely understand, the Angels traded Orlando Cabrera for Jon Garland (pictured above).  To me, it seems that this trade weakens what was already an offense that lacked a power bat behind Vladimir Guerrero.  I’ll be keeping my eye on what the Angels do after this, because I definitely don’t think they’re done.

Bite me, Glavine.

11 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. The O.Cabrera trade is groundwork for a M.Cabrera or M.Tejada trade.

    Makes less sense for Chicago, to me- why in the world would you trade away a dependable, consistent starting pitcher? They just resigned their SS Juan Uribe two weeks ago, too.

    And I’m happy Glavine gets to go back to the Braves- because that’s really where he belongs, anyway. If he can’t be on the Red Sox (he and his kids are all Sox fans), at least he’s back with his buddy Smoltz.

  2. As a die-hard (white) sox fan I don’t understand what goes through the stupid mind of our idoit of a GM’s mind. Come back Garland!! I have a soft spot in my heart since I saw him pitch the last game I went to this season and he pitched when my grandpa and I went to our first game together.

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