Pink Locker Room

First thing’s first:  my apologies to Mizzou and Oklahoma State fans out there.  Last week I forgot that just because the Big Ten is done doesn’t mean other conferences are and (obviously, now) the Big 12 Championship Game still hasn’t been determined.  Ooops!  Congrats to Kansas on remaining undefeated and a big “yikes!” to Oregon and Oklahoma.  Now let’s see how the Ladies’ teams fared….

HollyTennessee 25, Vanderbilt 24.  Sing along if you know the words:  You’re killing me, Vols.  I was roundly taunted for fearing this game; and spent most of it feeling ill that my dread was completely justified. Saturday was Senior Day.  Erik Ainge‘s last run through the T into Neyland.  I’ve loved and cheered him since he was a freshman, and he deserved better than what he got this year…but a win is a win, particularly in a conference that could end up with eleven bowl-eligible teams, and he’s soldiered on through a mad carousel of receivers and a host of injuries (enjoy the closeup of his mangled throwing hand!).  You left nothing on the field, Erik, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Two more games for certain…and Ainge deserves three.  He gave his all for Tennessee.  Let’s get him to Atlanta, boys.  Oh, and as for yesterday?  To borrow from my good buddy TCG borrowing from me:  Happy trails, assholes.  You’re still Vandy.

Metschick:  I missed the first half of the game, while I was in catechism.  But Rutgers did what it needed to do, and took care of business.  Ray Rice was his usual brilliant self, rushing for 112 yards.  The Teel/Lovelace QB tandem did its job solidly, if not spectacularly.  Although there was the issue of two Teel interceptions (of course), and 4 total team turnovers.

The RU defense was the story of the game, though, and without them, RU probably loses.  Hell, the RU offense only got 219 yards.  Couple that with the 4 aforementioned turnovers and it’s a credit to the defense.  But, defense is boring, so Ray gets his picture at Ladies…


SA:  If you would have told me on Friday that the Michigan defense would hold Ohio State to 14 points, I would have told you that we would win. But 91 yards of total offense later and we didn’t. Look, I really don’t have anything to say. That total offense stat summed up the entire day. I expected us to lose so I’m not shocked. It sucks, but I’m not surprised. I’m sad that our Seniors never got a chance to beat tOSU. I’m sad that our fans have witness yet another lost to our rivals. And by the time you read this Lloyd Carr probably has announced his retirement, hopefully after the bowl game. Yeah, it hasn’t been a good weekend. With the Big Ten season already over (seriously, screw the Big Ten school presidents for wanting to end the season before Thanksgiving. It’s nice to know that not only Michigan lives in the past) we UM will wait for our Alamo bowl invite. Or whatever bowl we’re going to this year.

Andrea:  I don’t want to talk about Iowa.  We’re not speaking right now.  Instead, I’d like to talk about my hometown team.  I haven’t gotten to watch them, well, at all really since I left Cedar Falls, but they just finished their first undefeated season since 1960, are ranked #1 in 1-AA the Championship Subdivision, are taking on New Hampshire next Saturday in the UNI Dome and I will be home to see it!  The awesome Panthers of the University of Northern Iowa are probably the best football team in the state of Iowa right now.  There are also 6 kids from my high school who currently play for them and this little cutie and former Cedar Falls High School Tiger (w00t!), freshman Taylor Brookins, had 34 yards and a TD in the last regular season game this past weekend.  Go Panthers!

TSW:  Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell reminds me of a young Aston Kutcher.  (In a good way, because if you remember, he was a high fashion model before he got into acting. )


14 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. You’re from Cedar Falls? No way! That’s where my grandad was born and lived for his early life.

    Ashton Kutcher was also a bioengineer or something like that at Iowa. That usually gets overlooked but it’s one of the reasons I tolerate him. Actually, I’m cool with Ashton; he was great on That 70s Show and I love Beauty and the Geek.

  2. DougOLis, I’m sure I’m going to open myself up to scorn and derision for admitting this, but I thought Ashton Kutcher was excellent in “The Guardian,” you know, that shitty Coast Guard movie with Kevin Costner? His performance seemed to flow through him; he really lived inside the character’s emotions. It was remarkable.

    Um…football! Pitt lost! Those gold uniforms are fugly! Yay!

  3. Well, what I was going to say is that defense doesn’t have to be boring…just take a look at Rutgers’ Brandon Renkart (senior starting middle linebacker…)

    i had pictures too…oh well.

  4. Doug-That he was. I overlook the other stuff that goes on with Ashton because I loved that show.

    Let me rephrase that-I loved seasons 1-6. I could leave seasons 7 and 8.

  5. Pam: okay, you got me. I think defense is boring because I love seeing Ray run.

    I was reading this past weekend about the bowl possibilities for RU. And someone mentioned the Sun Bowl. So I get all excited because Sun Bowl sounds like it’s at someplace warm. I google it, only to find out that it’s in El Paso Texas. I’ll pass-o.

  6. Metschick, the international bowl is in Toronto right? To me, that’s exciting (albeit to no one else, though).

    But if Im going to Toronto, it’s going to involve the Devils and Leafs, not Rutgers and some garbage midwest nobody school.

  7. Oooh, I’m kinda hoping that RU gets an invite to the International Bowl. I’d rather freeze my ass off in Toronto than bask in some sunny weather in Alabama. I’ve always wanted to go to Toronto.

  8. Toronto is where I went for Spring Break when I was a senior in high school. One of my favorite places in the world.

    As for Michigan, well, it’s like my friend sort of said, what began with the best of intentions, ended with the worst of execution.

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