24 thoughts on “Hit and Run: November 14, 2007

  1. Surely you’re not trying to imply that you find Curt Schilling attractive?

    (And yes, I’ll stop calling you “Shirley”)

  2. Xavier Nady is cute as hell, and I miss him sorely. Sure, the Mets only had him for half a season, but that was enough to notice and appreciate his good looks.

    And that guy’s name is Lawyer? Awesome!

  3. Xavier Nady, is shoving butter knives in electrical sockets part of your training regimen? Is that how you developed those luscious thighs?

    Did I just use the phrase “luscious thighs?” Jesus.

  4. Pam – No,I do not find Schilling attractive, but he gets a bye from me today.

    Metsy- I kinda feel bad for Lawyer Milloy. He had a great career in New England and Buffalo. Doesn’t deserve to end it in Atlanta. (Well, other than the millions they pay him.)

  5. Do you think Lawyer yells “Lawyered” when he makes a great play?

    Also, what do you Ladies think about Matt Damon being People’s Sexiest Man Alive? I love Matt Damon, he’s a great actor, funny, and seems genuinely nice, but he’s not what I’d call sexy. Maybe they were going off of personality and skill set, but I’m inclined not to think so based off the honorable mentions (See: Beckham, David; Reynolds, Ryan; Affleck, Ben; Grenier, Adrien; etc.).

  6. Wait. It’s TSW’s… what? Noooooo… Wait. Wha?!!? Crap. Oops.

    I had better re-route that order from ProFlowers I sent to Xavier. Damnit. This always happens to me.

  7. Happy Birtday TSW!

    I have seen all 3 Bourne movies and love them. That’s why I might include him for sexy personality or whatever, but looks, I dunno. He’s not in Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Clooney’s class. To me at least. Maybe this is just another way I’ll never understand women.

  8. Well isnt Metsy just all over the visual clues:) I saw the birthday cake…and I was like “maybe it’s all these guys birthdays today?” Yea, I’m slow.

  9. “one of the most offensive questions ever uttered in Orlando”

    Closely followed by “Isn’t Grant Hill doing so well in Phoenix this season?”

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