Hit & Run

The Seattle Seahawks beat the hapless San Francisco 49ers, 24-0, bringing the Niners losing streak to 7 games.   Okay, I didn’t watch this game, because I was playing MLB Power Pros on my Wii.  This game is awesome, if only because the video game version of Hideki Okajima of the Boston Red Sox does the exact same little “look-away” thing that the real Okajima does when he pitches.  Also, because video-game D-Wright’s eyes are so very blue.

Lil Dustin, amongst the men

Ladies… favorite Dustin Pedroia won the AL Rookie of the Year.  I’m sure J-Money & Texas Gal are happy about that.  Pedroia hit .317, with 8 HRs and 50 RBI in 139 games.  Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers picked it up in the NL.  Braun hit .324, with 34 HRs and 97 RBI in 113 games.

Brauny guy...

humina, humina

Justin Timberlake will be hosting the PGA tour stop in Las Vegas in 2008, and the tournament will be renamed the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.  And yes, I only wrote about this so I could post that picture of Justin.

Fievel, Part 5: Fievel Gets a Family

Fievel and the Yankees agree on a new contract: $52 million/4 years.  Mets fans breathe a sigh of release.  Don’t get me wrong, Fievel’s a good player and all, but I read that the Mets wanted to offer more than that, and I know it’d be guaranteed to be a move that blew up in their faces.  Like it’s happened so many times before.

Yes, please.

 Roger Federer was upset by Fernando Gonzalez at the Masters Cup yesterday.  It marks the first time in 4+ years that Federer lost in consecutive matches.   Andy Roddick beat Nicolay Davydenko in the round-robin tournament.   In related news, Federer has said he wants Brad Pitt to play him in his life story, if a movie is ever made.

Aw, get well soon, Purple Jesus!

The Minnesota Vikings’ Adrian Peterson was hurt in Sunday’s game, and will miss at least one game, with a torn ligament.  I feel like this is all my fault!  I bought  289’s Purple Jesus shirt on Friday, and two days later he gets hurt?  I’m so sorry, AP.  I should’ve known better than to spread any of my bad luck your way.

17 thoughts on “Hit & Run

  1. Damn you Metsy! You’ve ruined my FFL playoff chances! :p (Actually, I feel a bit responsible too–I talked all kinds of trash in my league after last week. Damn you karma!!!)

    But thank you for all the lovely man-meat. It improved an otherwise craptacular morning.

  2. Interesting, do most women like chest hair or not? I think it’s pretty universal that back hair is gross though right? But seriously though, JT has no arm hair! NO ARM HAIR! That is not right at all. Man up and stop being an uber-douche Justin. It’s not like you’re on the swim team.

  3. Clare: I agree with that. I don’t mind if a guy’s chest is hairless, but I wish guys would know how sexy they look with some chest hair. Very manly, like you said.

    And regarding chest hair, the worst has to be when a guy shaves it. Either let it grow or wax it; shaving it makes it look weird when it grows back in.

    And Pam: most pictures of JT do the same to me. I am under a spell when it comes to that one, though.

  4. How does that guy have no upper back hair? If he’s waxing it why not do the butt too? I mean yikes, he looks like one of those mythical half man-half goat fauns. And no, I’m not gay I just find this amusing.

  5. Thank GOD I ate before clicking on that link. Holy shit Clare, put a warning on that.

    And back hair is a no. But chest hair, no chest hair-it’s all good.

  6. Personally, I’ve never beena big fan of chest hair. However, if it comes down to butt rug vs. been-in-Britney, bring on the ass carpet!

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