Pink Locker Room

These last few weekends of football should prove to be pretty interesting.  I cannot wait to see what shakes out of the LSU-Oregon-Oklahoma-Kansas-West Virginia group.  I am particularly excited, barring something weird happening at either Iowa State or Texas Tech, to see the Big 12 Championship game between Kansas and Oklahoma.  Let’s check in with our favorites Ladies’ teams….

HollyTennessee 34, Arkansas 13.  This is only the second complete game the Vols have played this season (aided and abetted by an inexplicably abysmal game on both sides of the ball for the Razorbacks), but it couldn’t have come at a better time. Arkansas superstar and would-be Heisman frontrunner Darren McFadden was held to 117 yards.  Sounds like a lot until you remember he hung 321 on South Carolina last week. Our defense is back (for only the second time this season) to their smashmouth selves, and if we win out (far from certain with Kentucky and a spoiler-happy Vanderbilt team on the horizon), we’ll be punching tickets to the SEC Championship game.

It’s not just the immediate future that’s looking bright, either.  Below, see sophomore wide receiver Austin Rogers necessitating 3.5 defenders to slow him down.  And for the first time in my life, we have a legitimate threat in the secondary.  His name is Eric Berry, he had two interceptions for 98 yards….and he’s a freshman.  Remember his name.


SA:  I hate this team. I love this team and I hate this team. There is nothing worth mentioning from that game on Saturday. The defense sucked. The offense sucked. The special teams sucked. Hell, the coaching probably sucked. And yes, Mario Manningham had two great touchdowns, but he was yapping in his young quarterback’s face the entire game. No way in hell he does that to Chad Henne. I love ya Mario, but you just don’t do that. His behavior sullied his performance for me. Adrian Arrington added a TD in the fourth to make it a two point game. But with a Mallet interception Wisconsin took back control. On the bright side, at least Ohio State lost. I mean, I guess that’s a bright side. Anyhoo, last game of the season is against the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor for a trip to the Rose Bowl.


Andrea:   Floyd of Rosedale has come back to Iowa City!  Woo hoo! Also, running back Albert Young became the 3rd 3,000-yard rusher in Iowa history with a 22-yard run in the first quarter.  We end our season next week with a match-up with the juggernaut that is Western Michigan.  Kind of a let down for a final game, but if we can get to 7 wins and head to the Alamo Bowl, I’ll be okay with that.

He used to be a real  pig.
But this’ll do.  This’ll do.

TheStarterWife says:

20 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. I can’t even find words to describe Clemson’s 44-10 shellacking of Wake Forest. Their offense was good, their defense was amazing… Wake’s QB Riley Skinner was dropped more times than Britney Spears’ babies.


  2. SA – I agree about Mario, and it just shows that there is no way he’ll be back next year as a SR. I can’t imagine he wants to play with Mallett, so he’ll be gone. Boo. But then again, with the way Mallett has been fighting with everyone, even Lloyd, I wouldn’t be surprised if he transfers after the season is over.

  3. I’ll cover Rutgers for Metshick: It rained, it snowed, I had to ride on a yellow fucking school bus to get from the parking lot to the stadium, I got swallowed by a sea of humanity trying to climb to my seats in heaven, Rutgers kicked Army’s ass-which isn’t hard to do, Jabu Lovelace the porn star played, I was cold and I couldn’t see much, Michie Stadium blows, I waited forever for a bus to get back to the parking lot, we (and nine thousand other people) left at halftime. It sucked.

  4. Thanks, Pam. I’m still working off the haze from this past weekend.

    I didn’t see much of the game, since the Bennigan’s my sister & I went to dinner on Fri. night was all “Rut-gers?” when we asked about the game. Seriously, waitress at Bennigan’s – it’s the school less than miles down the road. Check it out.

    Anyways, by the time I got home, they were winning big, so all in all, I watched about 10 minutes of the game.

    I still want a Jabu jersey.

  5. SA: I noticed the yakking by Manningham as well. I guess he is practicing up for the NFL next year. Loyd showed a little fire on the sidelines though… that was kind of cool. Always cool to see Camp Randall on tv. Especially taking down the dastardly wolverines.

    Too bad none of you girls like my two schools. Revvin’ up the hate on WVU and UW! Though, like Loyd’s tamper tantrum, that is kind of cool too. :p


  6. Laura and Penguin-it was depressing. I remember when everyone thought he would be the next receiver to wear the 1 jersey. I had a feeling at the beginning of the year that he would go to the NFL early. Saturday just confirmed it to me. And I honestly don’t know if I’m upset about that or not. Maybe it’s addition by subtraction.

    And yes, Lloyd’s temper is always good to see.

  7. SA & Yostal: Well, if the rumors are true this is one Badger who will miss him. He is a gentleman and a credit to the sport. Some of the hotheads expect a national title every 3rd year or they get restless. Not gonna happen in modern day cfb… still, like the Bo of my childhood, I enjoyed watching him growl around the sidelines. If you define a man by his enemies then Loyd was a worthy adversary who set a high bar.

    Gordonshumway: No kidding! It is always good to meet someone from the hills. I am a proud son of our Sovereign Mother my own self. My heart’s never far from WV. And I absolutely loved my years in WI. Still haven’t made up my mind about NC…. so many of us scattered to the 4 winds.

    BTW, what’s team number one? Please God tell me it isn’t Duke.


  8. Don’t you mean barring Missouri beating Kansas in the last game of the season? Because even if KU loses to Iowa State, thats the game that matters.

    As for OUsucks, I hope they lose to Tech…and Ok State.

  9. Good school. And at least you don’t have to choose another school to root for in football season like the Duke and Tar Heel fans. :p


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