Awesome Hit of the Week

I probably shouldn’t be so excited about a loss of a school I actually attend, but I couldn’t help but be just tickled for the Navy Midshipmen on Saturday. They hung in there to defeat the Irish for the first time in 43 years. BUT the best thing about it? Was this play by Chris Kuhar-Pitters Ram Vela with 45 seconds left to go in the game:

I wish I had better footage, but there ya go. So sweet.

Ed. note:  Yahoo incorrectly identified the Navy player as Kuhar-Pitters.  Thank you to Alert Reader Signal to Noise for the correction. 

9 thoughts on “Awesome Hit of the Week

  1. J-money,

    Yoga fire was overrated, they key to Dhalsim was keep jumping up and down and using the go-go gadget legs to ward the other player off. Plus why in the world wouldn’t you use Kitana? She was unstoppable.

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