Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

The Denver Nuggets took on the Seattle Supersonics last night and emerged victorious, but the real story was Rookie Hottie Kevin Durant’s debut.  He racked up 18 pts in just over 31 minutes of playing time.  When asked to comment about Durant, Hottie Carmelo Anthony said, “He’s going to be all right.  I’ve been in that situation. I hope nobody puts too much pressure on him and makes him take that team to the NBA finals this year.”  Hahaha, wow Carmelo.  Way to jinx the lil’ fella.

In other NBA news, Lakers Hottie Lamar Odom was involved in a two-car collision yesterday that sent one woman to the hospital in serious but stable condition.  Odom sustained a mild concussion.  Trent Green laughs at him.

In disappointing what else is new? news, Padres Center Fielder Hottie Mike Cameron has been suspended 25 games for a positive stimulant test.  He wants to be clear that it’s not steroids because that would’ve been a 50-game suspension.  He also has recently filed for free agency, though there is a flood of center fielders out there between Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones and Bacon Pants.  (C’mon St. Louis…..go after Hunter or Bacon Pants!  Go after Hunter or Bacon Pants!)

12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run

  1. You know, there’s this sport called hockey…some might argue that it’s better than basketball…and there are men who play it.

    And I have a hard time accepting Kevin Durant’s skinny ass as a hottie.

  2. I like the attention to the NBA. There’s so many (ladies’ perspective) blogs devoted to Hockey and Baseball. I like this blog for it’s attention to baseball and football. I haven’t been here during basketball season so I’m wondering if I have some great posts to look forward to.

  3. Pam – I’ve got something I’ve been working on. Just give me time since I’m the hockey girl around here, and only have so much time in a day.

    But I agree, hockey has been lacking. Our season preview fell apart.

  4. Is it too much to ask all of the other MLB teams not to make an offer to Torii Hunter so that the Twins can afford to re-sign him? I will miss staring at his rear assets from my season tix right behind him.

  5. There was a rumor for a while (mostly dead now) that Bacon Pants would go to the Royals. I, personally, would be OK with that.

    Oh, and uh….basketball stuff. Since that is what the post is about.

  6. there’s this sport called hockey…some might argue that it’s better than basketball…and there are men who play it.

    There are some mighty fine men who play hockey, but it’s just harder to get a glimpse of them, since their faces are covered by masks.

    Stupid, safe masks.

    Pam: wanna go to a Devils game??

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