Happy Halloween!!

Doesn’t the holiday make you wish rookie hazing lasted all year long?

Shane Youman, welcome to the Pirates!! Please stick around; you are the keeeyyuuuutest thing I’ve ever SEEN.

More of our baby baseballers, two surprise college football guests, and other assorted gussied-up gents after the jump.

The classics never die: Clinton Portis, masked man.



Chien Ming Wang–can I get a “Two bits/Four bits”?



Barry Bonds, Forever Our Girl


Your preferred If I Only Had A ______ joke goes here.



Suspicious Minds: Yanks Andy Phillips, Bubba Crosby, Scott Proctor, Brad Halsey, Dioner Navarro


Ross Ohlendorf as….I don’t know, actually.



Reds Rookies: Dance ten, looks three.

Ron Flores: Welder by day, dancer by night.
(photo source: Blue Cats & Red Sox)

Kei Igawa at his cuddliest.



Josh Barfield, are you lonesome tonight?
(photo source: SittingStill.net)

Tonight, Huston Street will be your naughty girl.
(photo source: Blue Cats & Red Sox)



Freddie Bynum, Nick Swisher, Dan Johnson
(photo source: Blue Cats & Red Sox)



Devil Rays Jeff Ridgway, Josh Wilson, Justin Ruggiano, Akinori Iwamura (not in costume, surprisingly)



Cla Meredith fails to understand that this costume is aaaaalll about the shoes. Tsk, tsk, sir.
(photo source: SittingStill.net)



The bib says “Burp Me”, but the hat says “Your Holiness.”



Dice-K & Okey. Don’t run. They are your friends.



Here’s lookin’ at you, Red Sox.



Supafly in Philly



The cast of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Chavez Ravine


Tut tut, Colt David, looks like shank.



Little (Te)Bo(w) Peep (shown actual size)


Where the magic happens…

Happy Haunting, one and all!!


The Ladies…

20 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!!

  1. Ok, don’t hate me, but the Yankees cheerleading picture is cute. The pimps in Philly are awesome. Huston=hot as a redhead.

    That Tim Tebow one needs to be framed.

  2. Oh, Nick Swisher the plug. You should’ve also included Joe Blanton the socket! (Slightly creative gay jokes FTW!)

  3. whoa. did anyone catch the glimpse of bare-chested Jacoby at ~2:50 remaining? dear lord. the camera’s focused on okajima as he walks by…but the background is the real show! :)

  4. Oh man. Yessssss, I saw Jacoby, and I noticed that when the video first came out… but I just love rookie hazing. I love rookies in general. They’re so wide-eyed and fun, and then they go out in costume… simply priceless. Thank you!

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