Pink Locker Room

Another week, another apocalypse.  Welcome to college football 2007.

 Let’s get right to it, shall we?  Take it away, Metsy:

How stupid am I, expecting RU to beat WVU?  Did I not remember that WVU had taken the last 12 matchups?  And that they’ve outscored us 1000-5. It certainly feels that way.  The final score was 31 – 3.  It was the first game where Rutgers was really handed its ass.  We were simply beaten by the class of the Big East, West Fuckin’ Virginia.

And on Saturday, the problem wasn’t so much Teel, who only threw one (!) interception: it was that his receivers kept dropping his balls.  Ray Rice was his usual dependable self, but damn, people he can’t do it all – even WVU has the one-two punch of Slaton and White.


Next week’s matchup against UConn is going to be interesting.  UConn has only lost one game, and RU can definitely not afford to lose any more.  I had tickets to this game, but my stupid high school reunion is planned for that night, and now I gots two tickets – if anyone wants them, they’re yours.

Next up, Lady Andrea reports in from the open road:

Iowa got their 2nd Big Ten win.  Woo and hoo.  If we win two more, we qualify for the Motor City Bowl.  I’m making plans to go to Detroit as we speak.

And here’s Miss Holly, who aged five years on Saturday night:

You’re killing me, Vols.

There are six teams in the SEC East, a quarter of a season left, and ANY ONE of those schools could be punching a ticket to Atlanta come December.  We find ourselves once again and against all odds back in the Florida-Georgia tiebreaker triangle.  It’s a dangerous time.  And we’re better than this.

We shouldn’t need overtime to put anyone away in Neyland, not at night.  We beat South Carolina yesterday by virtue of an error-riddled Gamecocks offense, something we had no right to expect from a Spurrier-helmed unit.  The Game MVP?  South Carolina kicker Ryan Succop, seen here just prior to missing a game-tying OT figgie. 


3 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. Maybe Rutgers waterproofs their footballs with teflon?

    Shiano has built a solid program so you gotta be happy with how much better they are recently. They really are a solid team. I graduated several years before Coach Rod took over so I know how good it feels to see your old alma mater improve so much in recent years. Good luck the rest of the season. :)


  2. Pairing those black pants with black jerseys had them looking good. But they sucked balls in that game. WVU owns Rutgers, plain and simple. MC, I consider taking you up on that offer, but I’m actually scared of Uconn now.

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