Saturday Morning Hate Sex

THAT’ll teach me to play nice. The Scarlet Knights, Panthers, Longhorns, Demon Deacons, and Wolverines all benefited from a little TLC…but serial heartbreakers the Hawkeyes and Volunteers are bound and determined to drive Andie and me to drink. (To more drink. Yes, that’s saying a lot.) If there’s one upside, it’s this: It’s 2007, and so far this season, both Iowa and Tennessee have avoided being the jaw-dropping SportsCenter-leadoff Crushing Defeat Of The Century Of The Week. There’s enough ridiculosity to ensure we’re not the story. Does that lessen the pain of my trip to Tuscaloosa last week? It does not, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that it could be so much worse…and with the pretty boys all in a row, after the jump.


For Andrea and her Hawkeyes: Curtis Painter, QB, Purdue. 315 yards passing and three touchdowns. Not the best picture, but there’s tongue!


For Holly and her Vols: DJ Hall, WR, Alabama. 185 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns…and an average of 14.2 yards a catch. At least, I THINK this is what he looks like…no Tennessean seems to know where to find him on the field.


Enjoy the games, everyone, and go [your mascot here, plural]!!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Hate Sex

  1. Hey Texas Gal!
    Your ‘Horns just beat my Huskers, but damn it was a good game. This was the first time pretty much all year that I’ve seen my Huskers play like winners. Good game, m’lady.

  2. As a Georgia fan, I’d like to just say that while I usually enjoy Lundquist he and Danielson were just awful on Saturday. So effing tired of hearing about how poor Timmy Tebow was hurt. Anyways it was a helluva game!

  3. Vol fan that just found your blog (and am loving it) … sorely disappointed in the so-called win despite winning in overtime. Gotta do better, boys!

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