Hit & Run: The Night Nothing Happened

It’s kind of hard to follow sports if you have a kid – and if said kid gets sick, forget it. You’re not watching anything.

The bad news is that Baby Mets has an ear infection, and I was unable to catch a minute of the Colts/Jags. The good news is that it should be cleared up by tomorrow, Game 1 of the World Series.

I do know that the Colts won, to keep their perfect season going. They beat the Jaguars 29-7.

I know that the SoCal fires are forcing some of the Chargers to relocate.

I also know that the Red Sox are preparing for the Rockies’ arrival at Fenway.

I know that Beckett looks like he was hiding a monster hangover. Not that I blame him.

I know that athletes kissing their babies will always elicit the “awwww”. (That is Brandon Jacobs of the NY Giants, kissing his son Brayden.)

I know that animatronic anything is creepy, let alone a 26-foot rendition of the Dolphins DE Jason Taylor.

And I know that Sidney Crosby is still hot:

Yeah, his team didn’t play last night. So what?

8 thoughts on “Hit & Run: The Night Nothing Happened

  1. So what, indeed. We really don’t need an excuse to post hot pictures of him.

    I had friends at the Colts-Jags game in Jax last night, so yay! on their behalf (because lord knows it sucks when you pay a bunch of money to see your team play on the road, and then they lose)

    Also: Josh? Call me. I’ll totally give you a backrub to help with the hangover. Or do shots with you, hair of the dog and all that.

    Get well, Baby Mets!

  2. Yay Sid! Thx for posting him; I never get to see him since I don’t have Versus. :(

    Pity that the giant Jason Taylor doesn’t look more like him; he’s so hot and has such lovely eyes.

  3. Excuse me. I saw the Pats win a close game tonight, but it wasn’t the great game that everyone in the sports media said it would be. The Pats FINALLY beat a good team. THAT’S why the sports media is calling the game an “epic battle”. Yahoo Sports is as guilty as the rest in doing this. Let’s look at the AFC East: Are the Bills a great team? No. Are the Jets? No. How about the Dolphins? Um, no. Okay, the Patsies only have to face competition from truly good teams a couple of times this season. They basically only have to win four games outside their division in order to get into the playoffs, given their atrociously weak schedule. So tell me again why the Patriots are supposedly this great, great team? I’m unimpressed by the Cheatriots thus far.

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