Pink Locker Room

Howdy everyone. I’m filling in for Lady A this week. Something about breaking team rules or whatnot. All I know is that as the backup, I’m just being asked to not lose the game. Or whatever the blogging equivalent is.

After a kickass week of none of our teams losing, fate was not with us this past Saturday. Maybe some of our teams didn’t get the memo of what can happen when you don’t lose. Oh well. There’s always next week, right?

Lady Andrea: I tried to ride my “streak” by not watching Iowa or wearing any Iowa gear today. Clearly, that did not work because Purdue took us out behind the woodshed to the tune of 31-6. I got a text message from a friend of mine who goes to Purdue that said, “Your QB is laughably bad.” Here he is, possibly about to fall down. Sigh. At least the World Series starts soon.

Clare: The Wannstache might be hurting (torn Achilles tendon, team posting a crappy 3-4 record), but he has to be encouraged by Pitt coming around to beat a ranked Cincy team.

Yes, I am aware this is the first one of these I’ve done all season.

Metschick: So, we all know RU won. Ray Rice had a monster game, and it’s good to see the team surge as they prepare for this Saturday’s game against West Virginia. I’m hoping against hope that RU defeats WVU, to avenge last year’s devastating loss at WV.

SA: No Hart, Henne gets hurt during the game, Manningham is taken back to the locker room and yet the Wolverines still win the game, coming from behind to beat Illinois 27-17. It’s so cliche, but it really was a total team effort. The defense kept Juice Williams in check, the offense ran some trick plays (trick plays! At Michigan!), and the special teams were a hell of a lot better than any game before. Special kudos to Zolton Mesko for punt after punt landing within the 20 yard line. Saturday’s game was just a good tough win against an up and coming team on the road at night. Next up is Minnesota.

Holly was in Alabama on Saturday. Actually, I don’t know how that Tennessee-Alabama game turned out. Yep, don’t know how it turned out.

16 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. “Next up is Minnesota.”

    So, in other words, they have a bye.

    “Holly was in Alabama on Saturday.”

    I hope she got her vaccinations first.

  2. Andrea: In a way it seems like only yesterday that Iowa was the hottest team in the Big Ten and poised to break down the lock that Michigan and tOSU have on the conference… For Hawkeye fans it must seem longer.

    Metschick: Bite your tongue! The Mounties are just getting warmed up. :p


  3. Judging from that picture it looks like Tennessee did very well. Either that or the cheerleaders gave up and the team decided to take over for them. Or maybe both, I dunno.

  4. Metschick: Bite your tongue! The Mounties are just getting warmed up. :p

    They’re formidable opponents! I’m truly scared of them. I just hope RU can beat them.

    CFB has sucked the fun out of upsets this season.

    Calm down, Bill Plaschke.

    I’m sorry. That was mean.

    I love the upsets! So much fun.

  5. You know, I’m pretty sure misery loves company, and even if everyone still wants to point to The Unpleasantness as being the be all, end all, fine. We just have a lot of company.

    And the Space Emperor (of Space) will get you with his mind bullets. I have not seen this much affection from a fan base for a punter, well, ever.

    Well done SA.

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