Hit & Run-When Making History Isn’t Enough

Kevin Youkilis, David Ortiz, and Manny Ramirez hit back to back to back home runs Tuesday night. Yet the Red Sox still lost. I guess it was just that kind of night for the Cleveland Indians who are now one game away from going to the World Series. The Tribe beat Boston 7-3 with Tim Wakefield being Boston’s third straight pitcher not being able to go 5 innings. Boo starting pitching. On the bright side, J-Money has said that the fans were a lot better behaved during this game than last. I’d like to believe they collectively read a calling out by a certain blog and feared the wrath of 8 vengeful females.

More pictures from the game after the jump. 

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In non-baseball news, Tom Osborne has come out of retirement to be the interim AD at Nebraska. How did Nebraska go downhill so fast? Maybe it was when they fired a coach that went 9-3 for the year. Or when they hired Bill Callahan. Either way, Osborne’s coming to try to right the ship.

And to end this on a good note, Kevin Everett, the Buffalo Bills player that got a spinal cord injury during the first game of the season, is showing improvement. He’s able to stand with the help of a specialized walker, raise his arms chest high, and slowly open and close his hands. He was not able to do any of this three weeks ago when he was transferred to a Houston hospital to be closer to his family and friends. Remember-doctors originally thought Everett would be paralyzed for the rest of his life. I think I speak for all the Ladies… when I say congratulations to Kevin, his family, and the doctors, nurses, and medical staff with their continued work!

20 thoughts on “Hit & Run-When Making History Isn’t Enough

  1. OMG he does! Does this mean Nebraska’s next coach will decapitate Callahan? Oh please, please say it does! I don’t even like Neb. & I hate that guy.

    Glad to see Texy & J-money are alive and unincarcerated after last night. IMO, I think you Ladies… put the fear of God in them.

  2. Doug-It is! I became a little teary eyed reading that and other articles about his progress.

    Pam-The one that I liked that had Grady was way too big for the post. When I tried to resize the pic became pixilated. So I went against it. I won’t be making that mistake again.

  3. You mentioned my school in a post! I think that has happened…almost never. Bear in mind that Osborne is 70 freaking years old. He’s the youngest-looking and -acting 70-year-old I know.

    But it’s been insane here on the Nebraska campus this week. The old AD, Steve Pederson, was officially “asked to resign” on Monday afternoon, but word had already spread through campus. In one of my larger lecture-type classes, I had fun sitting and watching the news spread — one girl would ask the guy behind her about it, which would inspire someone else nearby to start asking questions, and so on. It was kind of like when someone in the front row at a ballgame stands up, everyone behind him has to stand up too…it moved in a wave like that.

    I’m kind of hoping Osborne steals the headset away from Callahan and gets the team back on track, but he said in a press conference that he was pretty sure his lovely wife Nancy would get a gun and shoot him if he started coaching again.

  4. Best part of that back to back to back was FOX showing the transaction for Big Papi’s home run ball. Cleveland fan caught it and was about the throw it back on the field and a Boston guy ran down the steps and traded a wad of cash for it.

  5. There definitely should be a purple guy with horns standing behind Tom Osborne/Palpatine.

    I smell a good photoshop possibility here.

  6. Did you know that you get tossed out of the game if you throw a ball back on the field at the Jake? The homerun to LF last night was tossed back, and that guy got bounced out of the game.

    I’m so used to people tossing back balls onto the field at Wrigley, this rule seems very strange to me.

  7. Did you know that you get tossed out of the game if you throw a ball back on the field at the Jake? The homerun to LF last night was tossed back, and that guy got bounced out of the game.

    You’re KIDDING. That’s a bit ridiculous. I understand if you throw something like a freakin bottle on the field or something, but throwing a HR ball back is part of being a fan.

  8. I didn’t talk to stadium officials or anything, but that guy did get bounced, and I asked an Indians fan about it on the plane ride home today, and he said that’s the case.

    Incidentally, he was sitting next to that fan who caught the Papi ball, and he told me the same thing about the Sox fan buying it off the Cleveland fan. He said the price was $100, cash. I’d pay that.

  9. Given a choice between throwing a ball back and getting tossed or $100 I’d take the $100. I wouldn’t pay $100 for the ball though as the only real significance that a home run ball has is if you catch it yourself in my opinion. And the ball turned out to be a meaningless homer, if it was a game decider it’d be different I suppose.

    Texas Gal, how do you get all these tickets to baseball games? And how can you find time to travel to almost 100 games a year?

  10. I get it. It’s a ball that was in-play being thrown back onto the field that could affect the play. Or if a player isn’t expecting it, could wind up bonking the head of, say, a big cry baby like Milton Bradley, which will then in turn cause the Padres to have to hire a Trauma Specialist to rehabilitate him from the fetal state he’ll most likely wind up in for several months thereafter.

    Makes sense to me!

  11. This is the first park I’ve ever heard of that does that. I’ve seen people toss back homers onto the field at practically every stadium I’ve been to. And this is most definitely the first time I’ve heard of a park kicking a person out of the game for doing so.

    A homerun ball is no longer in play once it clears the fence. And there is no “play” on the field on a homerun that could be interfered with.

    It still makes no sense to me.

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