Pink Locker Room

Coming off a fairly disappointing week where most of the Ladies’ teams lost, the Football Gods have smiled upon us. We had an excellent week. Woo and hoo!

Metschick: Don’t have much to say on this game other than it was a game RU had to win. Esp. since I’ve had the RU/USF game circled in red for the last four weeks. It’s good to see that RU didn’t overlook the Orange (like Louisville did) and took care of business. Now, their next opponent is the new #2 team in the country, USF. I’m kinda hoping for Pandemonium in Piscataway, Part 2 – but it’s going to be tough. Pictured: Schiano. YAY!

J-money: This blurry screencap says it all: Conquered. The once-proud Seminoles could hold off the federal government, peace treaties, and academic integrity but for the second straight year they couldn’t get past the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

My future first husband Riley Skinner threw for 215 yards and 2 TDs in a 24-21 win. Last year, if you recall, Wake desecrated the ‘Noles 30-0. I tried to find the YouTube video of this game, created by a sobbing FSU fan and set to the mournful strains of GNR’s “November Rain” but could not. Instead, you can watch this clip of a guy spray painting the FSU logo onto the hood of his car. Almost as funny and twice as sad.

Next up for the Deacs: a trip to Annapolis to take on Navy.

Holly: Tennessee has a horror-storied history of sleepwalking through games following high-profile wins, and we headed this week to Mississippi State, a team hell-bent on spoiling the seasons of conference opponents and not that bad at it. It feels strange even typing these words, but this is a season of madness: I was pleased to get out of Starkville with a respectable 33-21 victory. Our stable of possession receivers have discovered their feet: Lucas Taylor had a career game with an outlandish 186 yards and a score on only 11 catches. Freshly hatched kicker Daniel Lincoln is handily carrying the torch despite not being named James Wilhoit, and the return of Heisman-worthy punter Britton Colquitt continues to pay big time dividends. And the heart of the story is still my boy Erik Ainge. 22/36, 259 yards, 2/1. He’s on pace to break 3,000 yards this season, and no wonder— our O-Line is just impeccable; he’s got days in the pocket. You will be happy to learn Ainge also remains an absolute biscuit:

Andrea: IOWA GOT THEIR FIRST BIG TEN WIN! IOWA GOT THEIR FIRST BIG TEN WIN! And I hate Illinois, so it’s super-sweet. Our defense looked like the Iowa defense we all know and love, holding Illinois to two field goals. Also, red-shirt freshman Brett Greenwood had an interception at the goal line with 1:18 to go to cement the win. Gorgeous. This was the first week all season that I have neither worn Iowa gear nor watched the game, because I had to work a concession stand all day for the dorm. Clearly, I am cursed and now must shun Iowa football for the rest of the year, if I really love them. Sigh.

SA: WE HAVE AN OFFENSE! WE HAVE AN OFFENSE! For the first time this season Michigan showed what it was suppose to do from the beginning of the season, beating Purdue during Homecoming 48-21. Mario Manningham returned to his 2006 form with a career high 147 yards with two touchdowns. Mike Hart turn in his usual great stats day with another two touchdown day, adding 102 yards. Unfortunately he left the game at the end of the first half with an ankle sprain.

Of course this is Michigan we’re talking about so we’re never going to “officially” know what Hart’s injury was. His backup Brandon Minor went down with an injury as well leaving the running duties for much of the second half to third-string sophomore Carlos Brown. And Brown scored two touchdowns of his own. That’s how good of a day it was for the Michigan offense. The defense played a great game as well, getting two interceptions and only allowing 7 points until the end of the fourth quarter (which is a whole other story based on Joe Tiller’s class as a coach). Special teams, however, does not exist. Overall though, great game from the Maize and Blue. Now it’s on to Illinois.

23 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. Metschick, those black pants have got to go. The uniforms were just all off balanced with them. Normally I wouldn’t mind black pants, but there’s gotta be some blackon the jersey or helmet to offset it. It just looked weird. And I heart Kenny Britt.

    Oh and Andie, when that Iowa-Illinois game was on, I asked my Dad who he was rooting for, and he said Iowa. Why? I don’t know. But he was, so there you go.

  2. I was confused when I first turned on the game in the third quarter. (I’m a catechism teacher, and class gets out at 1:00 pm. Then I have to wait till the kids are picked up. Then I go and pick up lunch. Wasn’t home till 1:45.) I couldn’t tell which team was which. Mostly because the picture was poor quality. I think they had like two cameras for the game, and my camcorder is better quality than both of them.

  3. MC, it was a terrible broadcast. And what was with that endzone view? I did not feel like that was necessary for an entire quarter.

  4. That stands in complete contrast to say the Boise State game, where their friggin’ NEON BLUE field pops out of the HDTV like it wants to invade your home in a swath of poor color choices and shag carpeting.

  5. Pam: the fact that it was in a dome didn’t help. I didn’t realize it was in a dome till we got an outside view. I just thought that Syracuse was unusually bleak. Which goes with what I’ve heard about Syracuse.

    IJMTU: Yes – the smurf turf pops even in on my un-HDTV. It must look cartoonish on HD.

  6. SA, it’s not totally in the same vein, but
    You could totally rock this hat from the M-Den, you know, if your part of the country actually got cold enough to need a fleece hat.

    Failing that, a certain running back was rocking a pretty stylish knit cap during the second half on Saturday.

    Of course, this is all coming from a man who has spent the last five games wearing the hat of a minor league baseball team that doesn’t actually exist because he refuses to mess with the luck.

  7. IOWA GOT THEIR FIRST BIG TEN WIN! IOWA GOT THEIR FIRST BIG TEN WIN! And I hate Illinois, so it’s super-sweet.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Andrea! Woooot!

    Kinda pathetic that Ferentz was all choked up at the end, but apparently the death threats my husband has been mailing in finally hit home in the form of a WIN!

  8. Yost: I like that Michigan knit cap that Hart’s rocking. I love knit caps, but I hate that they flatten my hair. So I buy them, wear them once, and then stack on a shelf in my room.

  9. This may not make sense, cause I’s be drunk, but I could have swore Andie hated on Iowa State and one other small 10 school recently (penn state or wisonsin perhaps? maybe Indiana?), I dunno. Maybe I take the hate more serious than the joy. Or maybe Iowa just sucks. If this is read, disregard it; if this is not read, well done chaps.

  10. I know that; I was just saying that she fostered some serious hate recently. After reading my rambling and non-sensical response last night, I wish I had waited. Small 10? What the fuck was I thinking? Anywho.

  11. Right, erm, ok. I never said it was bad. I was just stating a point and apparently pushed a button or two along the way. And for that I apologize.

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