LT: Too Fly.

ltfly.jpgIt’s no secret that LaDainian Tomlinson has rocket feet, but when I saw him basically launch himself seven feet in the air from the four yard line yesterday for a score, I had to grope around on the floor for my jaw. You can see the play in this highlight reel (it’s the second play; I haven’t seen this hit the YouTubes yet but if anyone’s got an embeddable copy do let me know).

The rest of his day wasn’t too bad either, as he carried the Chargers to a 28-14 beat of the Raiders. LT racked up nearly 200 yards on 24 carries, and accounted for all four of San Diego’s TDs. He’s already tied for 4th on the all-time rushing touchdowns list (he started the day in 6th)…at age 28.

Oh, and I’m digging the hell out of the new jerseys. These will be worn twice a year, and were donned for the first time yesterday in honor of Alumni Week–the higher saturated blue pops beautifully in HD:


And this is Ladies, so lest we forget…LT’s also a regulation hottie with an obvious love of the game. Irresistible.





13 thoughts on “LT: Too Fly.

  1. Why was everyone in sports yesterday pointing skywards? (Up to and including the DBags/Schmockies game in the evening.) Is this some sort of new “thing” I should be aware of? I’m always missing out on the trends these days.

  2. Powder blue uniform is the best in sports.

    IJMTU-I thought that when athletes do that, they’re acknowledging God somehow. Or something like that.

  3. LT and his luscious self got me 44 points yesterday in my fantasy league, on top of the 33 Brady got me. It was a good day for FF nerds like myself.

  4. I should have put a “Sarcasm” tag prior to my comments.

    I could also suggest that players are pointing upwards to signfy their ever-growing pleasure with the GM’s sitting in Skyboxes WAAAAAY up there. Kind of like, “Hey! Thanks for the franchise tag, Jerry Jones!”

  5. It was good to see the Chargers win big, especially against the Raiders. For a while there, I thought they were all just playing football to land acting gigs. But maybe the lighting bolts are back.

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