What To Do on a Bye Week

This weekend is the Steelers bye week, which means I should be free to do whatever I want today, I don’t have to watch football all day. And really, am I not a cosmopolitan lady who can find a way to fill a Sunday with something a bit more meaningful than the Dolphins-Browns game?

Just think of everything you could be doing with your bye week:

  1. Do your Christmas shopping! And not just because the bargains are terrific this time of year. Come December when the NFL playoff hunt is in full swing and the malls are at their craziest, you’ll be able loaf around on the sofa every weekend guilt-free while all those sad sacks are trying to catch scores on Best Buy displays.
  2. It’s October. Think of all the pumpkins just waiting to be gutted.
  3. Volunteer – People tend to shy away from volunteering worried about the time commitment involved, or they just don’t know where to start. Poppycock. Volunteer Match is a great place to find puppies that need rescued, old people that need fed, and riverbanks that need cleaned. (Or as my boyfriend once called it, “Things you do to because you are filled with upper-middle class suburban white girl guilt.”)
  4. See Blade Runner: The Final Cut (LA and NYC only)
  5. Go outside! It misses you. It wonders why it you weren’t out there during the summer, rolling in the grass (Excuse: the pre-season gets earlier and earlier) and why you’re presently not out frolicking through the falling leaves. Plus, as it turns out the rumors are true: reality is slightly clearer than HDTV.
  6. Eat a salad. God knows your digestive tract will appreciate a one-day reprieve from the typical assault of fried and/or alcoholic nonsense.
  7. Visit a museum. Because. You know. Culture. And stuff.
  8. If you insist on staying home, a Sunday afternoon is a good time to catch up on your Netflix and the Tivo you’ve already bloated with four episodes of “Gossip Girl”. (That naughty Chuck Bass is so evil!)
  9. Head of the Charles – Rowing’s premiere fall race (Oct 20-21, Boston only)
  10. Visit your non-football watching friends. Most likely they’re having a tremendously exciting afternoon of “Scene It” with a box of Cheez-Its and wine spritzers. You probably have a whole plethora of pals who think you lose your mind every fall and would love to see you.
  11. Plan “frisky time” with your mate. Having a full afternoon free for sex can do wonders for a relationship that has been severally strained since the time you begged off saying, “Hold on, I want to make sure I catch Olbermann at halftime.”
  12. Watch baseball. That’s still going, right?

20 thoughts on “What To Do on a Bye Week

  1. Pfft. Bye weeks are for watching the NFL action while not having to be on the edge about your own team.

    I don’t have friends who don’t watch football. Bit of a personal rule of sorts, kinda.

  2. 13. Enter rehab. As we learned from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, it’s hard to get the game turned on in rehab. Pretend you listened to your friends during the last intervention and take a weekend off to rest your liver. You’ll thank yourself in January during the playoff drive.

  3. Poppycock. Volunteer Match is a great place to find puppies that need rescued, old people that need fed, and riverbanks that need cleaned.

    Ah…Yinzer talk. I love it.

  4. I picked up some movies from the library since the Colts are off this week. I had other plans, but since my friends came down with a bug, I figure it’s my time to be extremely lazy today.

  5. You could learn another language! Try to learn as many Spanish verb tenses as you can, and then quiz me on them, because I have a huge test coming up on Tuesday.


    OR, you could
    -Rearrange a room
    -Learn to salsa
    -Play a video game all the way through, just like in the olden days before frequent save points were introduced
    -Set a personal record for number or hours slept in a day
    -Eat ice cream
    -Dye your hair
    -Go to a public place and point and laugh at as many people as you can before someone punches you in the face. Then blog about it.

  6. Quiet friends on a BYE weekend are probably monks sworn to a vow of silence…secretly tabulating the football stats…..shaving their heads and not football points on a game and… and whooping it up munching on peanut brittle and Rice Krispis.

    Rah Rah Rah…go team…..

  7. This afternoon, after my 5 year old nephew, who wrested away control of the TV after the Bears broke my heart, didn’t want to change the channel to catch the Pats/Cowboys. “They’re not the BEARS,” he said. We then convinced him that watching other teams makes us better Bears fans. My point? Bye week schmye week. We watch football when we can! :)

  8. Metschick: Thanks, but I’ll actually be OK. It’s just a matter of turning off the TV and computer, and spending time with my books. Now that the Rockies have finished winning, I can get to it a little better.

    You’re wonderful anyway!

  9. The bye week is for watching all the other games at the same time. Directv is good for this. Switch from channel to channel to catch all the action.

    Skol Vikings!

  10. The irony of this is, after TSW cooked up that list, I still wound up sitting in front of the damn TV all day, watching football and drinking.

    Football is football, it appears.

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