Hump Day Hottie: Tony Romo

He may, on occasion, have butterfingers. He may, on occasion, throw five interceptions in a game. He may, on occasion, tag along behind American Idol contestants. He may, in fact, be the second coming of Sexy Rexy. But he is also downright beautiful. So in the wake of the shocking- SHOCKING, I tell you- victory by the Cowboys over the Bills on Monday night, and the upcoming Cowboys-Patriots clash, it seemed like the perfect time to give Tony Romo the Hump Day Hottie treatment.

Tony’s a San Diego boy by birth, but was raised in Wisconsin- so, naturally, Brett Favre was a huge influence on his playing style. This makes him exponentially hotter. He played college ball for the mighty Eastern Illinois University (Go Panthers!), where he won the Walter Payton Award… but he was undrafted coming out of school in 2003. He hung on, though, and signed as an undrafted rookie free agent by the ‘Boys. He has some Texas blood- his grandparents live in San Antonio- and he golfs up a storm, so he’s a perfect fit for Dallas. His boyish good looks and mischievously devasting smile (not to mention that gorgeous bod) are also a perfect fit for the uni of my beloved Cowboys.

Take a gander at the man who leads America’s Team, after the jump…

Hey! How’d that get in here!

And he does TV!

(the music is a nice touch)

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82 thoughts on “Hump Day Hottie: Tony Romo

  1. I like Tony Romo, but picture #4 makes him look like the wimpiest football player (oustide of kickers and punters) on Earth.

  2. Picture #11–the thoughtful/emo face-while-stretching pose–is positively meltworthy . . . I loathed the Cowboys during their ’90s run but I now will watch Cowboys games purely because of his hotness.

  3. As for the fumble picture, a better one is of him sitting all dejected head down grabbing his facemask when the play was over. That should be in here too.

  4. Bless you Texas Gal. I worked for the ‘Boys a while back and told them then that he was the QB of the future and no one wanted to listen because I was a chick. I’ve now contacted the Jones boys and asked them to put a clause into Tony’s new contract that he is obligated to marry me. I love his boyish charm!

  5. Ew. He is so not hot. Cute maybe, but definitely not hot. I don’t like my QBs being so smiley all the time. There’s NO smiling in football!

  6. Cute or not… FIVE INTERCEPTIONS. IN ONE (1) GAME. FIVE. That’s:

    -One, “Oops! My bad. Read the wrong route.”
    -Two, “Hey. It bounced off the defender’s helmet. Can’t lay that on me.”
    -Three, “Come on! I nearly died in a motorcycle accident and then had part of my internal organs removed. Gimme a break!”
    -Four, “Uh. That guy LOOKED like he was wearing my team’s jersey”
    -And Five, “Dude. I f***ing suck.”

  7. >#3 Redacted: “Come on! I nearly died in a motorcycle accident and then had part of my internal organs removed. Gimme a break… OH WAIT. THAT WAS SOME OTHER GUY ON ANOTHER TEAM. My bad!”

  8. I’ll admit when ESPN was interviewing him after the game and he admitted that he pretty much sucked that night, the sweat was dripping down his face and it got to me. God I’m such a sucker to those shots.

    And how can y’all just skip the very first pic. Real Cowboys=HOT! Even if he is just playing the part, damn that’s a fine photo.

  9. Hey, I said “whoooray” for the 1st picture from GQ.

    I’ve become of a big fan of him since he started carrying my fantasy team. I’m just sad he’s still not with Carrie.

  10. SA – You are forgiven. In time.

    This is from a guy’s perspective, so take it lightly, but I’d consider neither Tom nor Tony to be “hot.” Cute for sure, but not hot. That is all.

  11. Tom Brady is way way way hotter than that goofy looking Tony with that ridiculous backwards cap. He has these beady little eyes and Gommer Pyle smile. Tom Brady is not cute, he is gorgeous, perfect body, eyes, hair and that dimple! There is a reason why Tom Brady graces the covers of GQ, Details and Esquire and is now the Stetson Man (by the way, I highly recommend checking out those ads, MY LORD).

  12. If you saw Tom Brady walking down the street, and he wasn’t a famous football player, you would think he was attractive but definitely not a god. This is not the face of a god:

    While Romo is kind of goofy looking, like the cowboy on D2: The Mighty Ducks, Brady is kind of neanderthalish looking at times. Especially with that chin cleft.

  13. Tom Brady is a GOD! Just downright gorgeous. 6’4″ men with his body and face are looked gawked at in public. He is a stud. Get over it! That is not a good pic of Tom admittedly, you must have had to search for tha one. Go to the site to see his new edorsement deal. I mean, the only word is WOW!!!!

    And Tom isn’t even a cowboy. I think the Dallas QB would be a good choice, but not when you look geeky like Tony Romo!

  14. OMG! LOL…Romo being considered hot???? Wow, Cowboy fans are blind. Give me some Brady anytime, anyday! He is amazing on and off the field. Now that boy has some game and this comes from a Jets fan.

  15. I have to be honest here. I looked at all those Romo pics and I just do not get a hotness vibe. I actually get a wimpy kinda gay thing going on. Sorry! Hey, he seems nice and all, but to call him hot is just not right!

  16. he’s adorable in those ads. Kinda kid brother adorable though. I’d probably do Brady and get pregnant, and then Romo would make an honest woman out of me.

  17. Yay so its official Tom Brady> Tony Romo in looks and talent.
    All in favor of Tom Brady being next weeks hump day hottie say I. IIIIIIIIIII. Use the Stetson ads.

  18. Insulting the cutie QB of the person who does the HDH posts is not a good tactic to getting your man featured in a future post, people.

    I will accept bribes for future HDH’s in the form of: (a) allegiance to the Red Sox, (b) compliments for Tony Romo and Brett Favre. /bribery request

  19. Romo greater in Talent???? OMG!!! Dallas fans are so deranged! Tom Brady is an NFL legend. On the field he is our generations Joe Montana and off the field he is GQ Hot.

    Romo has a llllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg wayto go before he can be mentioned in the same breathe as Tom Brady!

  20. What is it with the Brady crazies? Every time I see a “model-type” picture of him trying to be hot I just laugh my ass off. He may have a classically good-looking face, but there is no sexiness in the man.

    Although also contractually obligated not to like the Cowboys (NY Giants fan), Romo projects that adorable everyman thing that I love. Against my better judgement, that black-and-white at the beginning just about killed me.

    Also – if this hasn’t already been done, I gotta put in a vote for John Lynch as a HDH. That guy is mighty fine.

  21. Trish, the only other person that used the word “talent” was using it in a comparison which clearly was in favor of Brady.

    Whichever word the “>” opens to means that thing is greater. I don’t remember what grade this was taught in, but it is something one should have learned in school.

    Oh and “breathe” is a verb, just take away that “e” and you’ve got a noun (what you should have used).

    To Kristin: I also can see that Brady is technically good-looking. But looking at him does nothing for me.
    I may not walk around with a smile on my face 24/7 but whenever I see Romo smiling on the sidelines, or in an interview I can’t help but smile as well. He’s cute and he reminds me of this guy I once knew.

  22. Sorry, but I have to go with the Bradys on this one! Tom Brady is way way way hotter. I mean, seriously, is this even a discussion? I can appreciate some having to like their QB because of their team spirit and all, but those of you who think Tony Nogo out ‘sexies’ Tom Brady are embarrassing yourselves.

    Hey, I am a Raiders girl and I have to drool over the hotness that is Tom Brady. What makes Tom so hot is that does not try to be sexy. He is just a naturally hot man that is also boyish cute and that is what makes him sexy!

    On the other hand, Tony Nogo reminds me of a old man without any teeth, when he does that inner lip smile thingy, oh, so not a good look. Tony also tries way to hard with that reverse ball cap. Sorry, but it ain’t working Tony.

  23. You’re all wrong – except those of you who think Tony is hot.

    I love how people ARGUE and GET MAD about this, as though there is a “right” and a “wrong” when it comes to a subjective opinion about what guy you find good-looking.

    Except for TSW thinking Randy Johnson is hot- that is just wrong.

  24. Never really saw Tony before except under the helmet. I checked out the pics above and have to agree that in some he looks like a goof with no teeth when he does that inverted smile, LOL!!!

    Tom Brady on the other hand is a legend in my dorm hall. We all try to get the best posters of Tom for our rooms and entrances. I scored a hot Nike poster from the Nike store at Easton in Columbus, but a girl that I hate got the Gap poster from a couple of years ago. Damn her!

    So now I am on the mission of the century! I have got to get a Stetson poster. I am so jealous of Gisele, first for being so beautiful and on top of that she gets to date the hottest man alive.

    Sorry, I don’t know Dree Brees. I’ll google him.

  25. Whose mad? This is fun!

    I think it’s funny that fans of oppossing teams have to insist their QB is so hot or cute – it’s kind of a warped contest or debate. Tonynogo is just average and maybe a kinda cute geek at best. That is mho of course, but I think the majority of females, football or nonfootball women would pick Tom 20-1 of Tonynogo, sorry!

    Amanda, what school, if you don’t mind? Ohio State?

  26. I think Tony is a cutie, but Tom is more sexy. What is cool about both of them is that they seem really nice and humble. Both teams are lucky to have them.

  27. tonynogo – I would never insist that my team’s quarterback is cute or hot (NY Giants). Eli’s a tool. I wish we had a cutie quarterback. I do think it’s fun to see how other chicks think about guys. I think Brady is cute for sure – I’m not blind – but his kind of cuteness doesn’t do it for me.

    I do like Drew Brees, if you find the right pics of him – but Vince Young is also a sexy MF.

    Randy Johnson? I’m not even touching that one.

  28. Tom is a pretty boy. Too wimpy and girly for me. Tony’s hot and looks a little more manly than Tom. (Im not greedy, though-I’d take either!)

  29. I agree, Tom Brady may be a pretty boy, but he has lost serious man points by wearing that awful hairpiece. Tom, it’s okay to go bald. It’s VERY unmanly to cover it up with a rug!

  30. i agree with the tony lovers. i mean tom brady is cute, dont get it wrong, but he is not manly at all. he is kind of cocky in my book too. tony is hot. a legend beyond hot.i dont see why you guys dont think that. you are too concerned about tom brady. i mean, he doesnt act like a real football player. both teams are lucky to have them as said, but i go with romo!!!!!

  31. When it comes to a man’s looks, unlike a woman’s looks, there is a lot more variety of good looks. The terms ‘handsome’, ‘cute’, ‘hot’, ‘rugged’, ‘lean’, ‘muscular’, etc. are all quite different. There are so many ways that a man can be good looking. For the most part, women are either beautiful or not so much. Tony Romo is seriously one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen. He is not exceedingly rugged as are some guys. He is not even exceedingly handsome in a traditional sense. Tony has amazingly boyish good looks.
    Even though Tom Brady is more classically handsome than Tony, he’s no where near as cute. When Tony smiles, he’s like a freakin’ puppy-dog.

  32. I am a straight, married man, but Tony Romo a fuckin’ cute guy. i told my wife that and she laughed. if i had to be gay with another guy it would be him. im really not gay. wait that sounded gay. never mind. the only other guy ive ever had a man crush on was dean cain. you can call me gay or whatever but he is unbelievably sexy

  33. Tony romo is gorgeous!! Not to mention that he is an absolute great guy in person. Whew lord. If there was only one who could make me hot in cold weather, it HIM!! That pic of him fumbling the snap is totally unfair. People fail to realize that he broke his pinky that game!! DUH! Give him a freakin’ break!

  34. Wow…Tony Romo is dead sexy…hes just GORGEOUS! I’m a huge Cowboys fan (for life lol) and when I saw what Romo looked like I thought WOW….what a hottie! :) Luv his smile…dimples and that bod! Wow…hose me down LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  35. first of all, the pictures are gone now :( so i cant see them, second of all tony romo is quite possibly one of the sexiest men on the planet and im probably his biggest fan. and lastly, tom brady is a wimp. he gets shoved once and he whines at the official to throw the flag, bunch of cheaters is what they are. tom brady is such an ass that he does nothing for me for appearance… tony romo is 20 times hotter then tom brady end of story.


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