Pink Locker Room

I feel like this week it should be the Orange Locker Room, since Holly’s Volunteers so thoroughly kicked Georgia’s ass. Thank god for small favors, like USC’s upset and Notre Dame finally getting a win, which caused most of the campus to play in a giant fountain and the reflecting pool by TD Jesus. That was actually pretty fun. I can take a wee bit of solace in those things because I sure as hell am not finding any in Iowa. Let’s see how the other Ladies are feeling…..

Metschick: Well, I guess Rutgers has shown that they are what we thought they were – a mediocre team that had been feasting on cupcakes. Now they’ve lost two in a row, including their Big East opener, although losing to the Bearcats isn’t a horrible thing. They’re a very good team, but I still wish Rutgers had won.

And this is why I didn’t want to invest further in college football. I’m already a Mets fan – I don’t think I can handle the additional heartache of another team. I honestly wasn’t expecting an undefeated season. But after the criticism of the soft early schedule, RU is really looking subpar when facing real competition. Oh, and I wish we had a bionic quarterback like Ben Mauk instead of Mike Teel. Does he understand that he’s supposed to throw to the guys in scarlet? Because none of the Knights deserve it, and because I couldn’t find a good picture of Haruki Nakamura, here’s Ben Mauk:

SA: The only thing worth mentioning about Michigan’s win over Eastern Michigan on Saturday is Mike Hart. Mike Hart is a man among boys with this team. With his 218 yards, he become Michigan’s all-time leading rusher. He also scored three touchdowns to cap off his milestone day. The defense still doesn’t have it together, giving up 22 points and the special teams allowed two onside kicks and a 86-yards kickoff return. Six starters, including Mario Manningham, were on the bench for the game. But back to Hart-he need only 33 yards to break Anthony Thomas’ record and he did it in the first quarter. It’s becoming painfully obvious that Hart is the only consistent offensive weapon Michigan has. I fear the day he has an injury and can’t play the game. Really, don’t ever bring that subject up to me.

Holly:  I’m all out of words after writing for fourteen hours straight on Saturday, but I hear a picture is worth a thousand.  This one, showing the Georgia section of Neyland stadium five minutes into the third quarter, sums up my lifelong impression of the Bulldog faithful nicely.  HOME SWEET HOME TO ME!  Tennessee 35, Georgia 14.

Andrea: In Big Ten play, Iowa is 0-3. Illinois is 3-0. My world is all askew. I once had a certain Illinois blogger go on a rant about how Iowa is all that is wrong and evil in the world. Well, joke’s on him because Zook and the Illini are, in fact, all that is wrong and evil in the world. Iowa looked so uninspired that I almost turned the game off. I have to say, before the season started I didn’t think we’d get wins at Wisconsin and at Penn State, so if we’d beaten Indiana I wouldn’t be so depressed. But we didn’t beat Indiana. Because we suck.

TSW says, “While nothing generally gives me greater joy than a USC loss, I have to say that I have a certain amount of empathy for the Trojans. In a CFB season that seen upset after upset, my usual high from a high-profile loss seems to be diminishing. I cannot help but wonder if USC’s dreams are really are out of reach. LSU still has UK and ‘Bama on the road. Could those games follow the scrappy underdog storyline of 2007? Can USC still battle through to a BCS championship?

What does Coach Lombardi say? “It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner.”

Chin up Trojans, chin up. You need to win out the rest of the season.”

8 thoughts on “Pink Locker Room

  1. Metschick, Rutgers did what they do best (for ALL sports) last Sat: prove that they aren’t worth your emotions. Of course, I continually come back for more. It’s not easy.

  2. And as much as I delighted at the Auburn kicker doing the “gator chomp” last week after their win over Florida, I got irritated by Ben Mauk doing the “chop” after the game.

    Dammit – stupid, sexy Rutgers.

  3. A cute FIB? Easily cured by meeting him I’m sure.


    PS: I feel sorry for Coach Ferentz. A real class act having a nightmare season. Hope he doesn’t get run off.

  4. Ben Mauk used to be the QB at Wake Forest, until he got hurt last season and was replaced by my boyfriend Riley Skinner.

    Here’s where you all nod your heads and say “Huh”.

    More Wake Foresty goodness to come later…

  5. I always thought that side of Illinois was Anti-Indiana, and my side was the only one who cared about bashing on Iowa. Guess I stand corrected.

    And I feel for Metsy – Kentucky football always breaks my heart, even when I try to tell myself it is only a fling and not to get wrapped up in it. Damn you, UK Football.

  6. LA- Yippee the Illini are doing well enough for you to consider them evil… it has been a very long time since that has happened. Thanks for the press :)

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