Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run: PLAYOFFS! and Pitchers!

Yesterday we had some great baseball to kick-off the playoffs. Pitchers pretty much ruled the day. The first game, which I had to watch in class (booooo), could not have been more surprising. Rockies Hottie Jeff Francis took the mound and only gave up 4 hits, 2 runs and 2 walks. He also had 8 strikeouts over 6 innings. Nicely done, Francis.

In Act II, we saw Hottie Josh Beckett three-hit the Los Angeles Angels in a complete game shutout. He was helped out by homers by David Ortiz and Kevin Youkilis, but it was really his lights-out pitching that won the game for the Red Sox.  He also had 8 strikeouts.

In the Triple Feature at the Hillcrest Drive-In (that’s the old drive-in theatre in my town.  It was awesome and really did have triple features in the summer) the Arizona Diamondbacks put away the Chicago Cubs with another masterful outing by the starting pitcher.  The lede from Yahoo! really puts it best, “Brandon Webb baffled the Cubs with his sinker, then staggered them with changeups and curves.  This high-stakes duel in the desert went to the quiet ace from Kentucky.”  (wah wah wah *tumbleweed*).   Webb felt like 8 was not enough; he had 9 strikeouts.

Finally, in non-playoff news, a fan of Hottie Curtis Granderson’s, Rebekah Page, is running the Detroit Marathon on October 21st to raise money for Curtis’s Grand Kids Foundation, which will help schools and inner city children throughout the state of Michigan beginning next year.  You can visit GrandKids Foundation and click on the “Donate” button to help out.

11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Hottie Hit n Run: PLAYOFFS! and Pitchers!

  1. I really want to say something like “ANDREA JEFF FRANCIS IS NOT A HOTTIE WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU” but really, he picked a good game to have a good game, especially since the Phillies torched him the last time around for like eight runs in three innings.

  2. That first picture of Fancis is really quite good looking, for a Rockie :) If only Coletrain could have pitched as well as he looks.

  3. I am so insanely excited about the Red Sox, I raced around my apartment with my Boston jersey flapping behind me like a cape.

    Also, I took it as a good sign that today in the gym, the first song I heard through their normally schlocky speakers was “Dirty Water”, although it was a Rolling Stones version that was new to me. I liked that Mick kept the “down by the River Charles” line but then pretended that the rest of the lyrics were about London.

  4. Not to be picky, but it was 4 hits off of Beckett last night, and don’t forget Ellsbury’s great catch! I love how even though he was in the game for half an inning, he gets a highlight reel. And the way he just gets up and throws the ball calmly back to the infield afterwards, like it was nothing. *squee*

  5. jeff francis is not good looking… although apparently he is deceptive, he has you thinking he is george clooney and chase utley thinking he is cy young

  6. mann i don’t even wanna talk about the phillies. I thought jeff francis was allright looking, but no one beats my 4th favorite phillies Kyle Kendrick who got the L.

  7. OMG!!!!! I have found the website that favores hot baseball player crazed women!! Jeff Francis . . .I heart him for more than just his wonderful pitching skills!!!!!

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